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Apr 24, 2007 08:11 AM

Freezing baked beans?

I love baked beans but being that there are only two people in my house we don't make them from scratch very often. I make batches of refried beans and freeze them into portions for two and it works well but the texture is a world apart from baked beans. I am willing to be the guinea pig and just go for it and see what happens, but I wanted to consult my fellow 'hounds first to see if this has been attempted successfully.

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  1. It has been attempted successfully. The individual beans keep their texture pretty well. It's a staple for re-freezing into nukeable lunch portions for me.

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      Excellent, glad to hear it works!

    2. I've frozen homemade baked beans as well, with excellent results.

      1. beans are great, not frozen thou :-(

        1. I freeze all kinds of beans regularly and can't see any difference between the defrosted ones and freshly cooked ones. This works with black bean, chickpeas, pintos, limas, kidney and great northerns. Cooked bean and legume dishes also freeze very well - BBQ beans, refritos, dals etc.

          1. I usually put green chiles in my pinto beans and have noticed that the green chiles seem to be hotter after having been frozen. Or, maybe it's my imagination. In any case, I have good results with freezing beans.