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Apr 24, 2007 07:59 AM

Goo residue

I have recently bought a couple of rolling pins (one w/ ball bearings, one French) and peeled off the price sticker which left some residue on the wood. What can I use to get that stuff off that is food safe? I'm guessing wd-40 is out of the question.



ps-what should I make with them? I had cookies in mind when I got the first one.

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  1. I use Goo Gone and then wash well. Don't immerse the ball bearing pin in water, jut wash the surface gently where you applied Goo Gone

    1. Olive oil works pretty good to dissolve adhesive goo, and it is food-safe. Make a pie crust....practicing that task will keep you busy with a rolling pin for years.

      1. In a pinch, hairspray works great at removing price tags. Vodka also works well. And I know it's food safe ;--)

        1. Mayonaise usually works pretty well at taking off goo residue and is quite food safe if washed off. (It gets chewing gum out of hair too.)

          You could roll out some nice shortbread cookies with the ball bearing pin. (I have a silicone one and I love it. When making pie crusts you can pre-chill it in the fridge and it will roll out a beautiful crust.)

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              Both the dough and the pin. Works wonderfully.

          1. Never use any petroleum products on your wood rolling pin. No nail polish remover either. Just a dry pot scrubber, or a dull knife blade ought to do the job well enough. Also, you can run water on the pin, pushing away the gunk. Also, I'd phone the dealer who stuck the sticky stuff on your pin and give him hell.

            With some use, the bad stuff will go away.

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              Goo Gone is a natural cirtus based product. No it should not be ingested, there are some petroleum distilates in it but it is safe to use on coook ware, as i said above just wash the surface after. It is fantastic stuff to have on hand for all sorts of things, even stain removal of all sorts.