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Israeli CousCous

I've always enjoyed the size and texture of Israeli couscous in restaurants, but have never been able to find it in Toronto supermarkets. Anyone know where to find it?

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  1. Sobey's in Thornhill - on Centre Street I think - has a large Israeli section. Call Daiters, Nortown Foods in T.O.. Nasr foods around Lawrence and Birchmount, Saba, a restaurant on Steeles west of Yonge has a store attached selling lots of Middle Eastern stuff. One of these places should be able to help.

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      The place near Yonge/Steeles is Sababa, not Saba. Sababa is originally an Arabic word, but it is used in Israel (and in Arab countries I think) to mean awesome, great, amazing, cool, etc. If something is beyond awesome, great, amazing, cool, its is Achla Sababa (the 'ch' is guttural, not like the 'ch' in cheese).

      I love Israeli couscous too. Osem makes a dried, prepared Israeli couscous (just add water and simmer) which is very good, but I don't buy it anymore b/c it contains tons and tons of preservatives and other stuff I cannot pronounce. I've been on a Michael Pollan kick lately.

      You can buy it at Loblaws, No Frills, etc. in the kosher sections.

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        Definitely have it at Sababa. I have bought it there before.

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          Saw it last week at Dinah's Cupboard.

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          I bought some at Loblaws. Good luck.

        3. I've seen it at Pusateri's.

          1. On the bottom floor of the St. Lawrence market (south market), towards the north side, there's a store that sells dried goods, sauces etc., they sell israeli couscous in 1 kg bags, I think. $17.99/bag. Enjoy!

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              I went to a very cool 'supermarket' with some friends yesterday and saw Israeli cous cous while browsing. The store was called "Yummy's"...it's Russian and is located on the west side of Dufferin Street just south of Finch (the old White Rose Nursery place) It is simply a great place to browse...you must see the 'chocolate' aisle and also the frozen perogy's..mind blowing for the variety of stuff, sausage/salami heaven! What a great discovery for me!

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                Thanks for the info. I've always wanted to go into Yummy's, but thought it was an Asian supermarket. I love Asian markets, but whenever I'm on Dufferein, I'm always on a mission to go somewhere else, so I never stop. I will definitely go there today. Chocolate, sausage and perogies. Sounds perfect! Thanks again.

            2. I buy it at Nortown at the Bayview & York Mills plaza.

              1. I've bought it at Akram's in Kensington and at Arz on Lawrence.

                1. So there are lots of places to get Israeli couscous, but how do you like to serve it? Any favourite recipes?

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                    Not recipes per se but not surprisingly I use it in much the same fashion as I would otherwise utilize orzo. Nice accompaniment to braised meats such as osso bucco instead of risotto.

                    Sometimes I will "toast" it before adding the liquid like I might do with orzo. Develops a nice nutty flavour as a result. Have used saffron, various stocks to provide the flavour.

                    Good hot and cold with zest of lemon with roast hot or cold chicken. Diced peppers, etc. Makes a nice salad....if summer ever arrives [smile].

                    I am out in Edmonton and unfortunately not that many stores carry it but I expect I could find it at one of the halal shops or Lebanese markets. I found that the Italian Supermarket aka Spinelli's where I usually picked it up began carrying a product which was not as white as the one I had enjoyed. The little balls were little bigger in diameter and had a yellowish to beige tinge...found them to be a tad "gummier" in texture when cooked so have stopped buying them of late and am back to the use of orzo.

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                      Thanks Bob Mac. I'll pick some up and see what I can create. Cheers. YM

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                      I'm a fan of this recipe from Epicurious, with roasted tomatoes, fresh herbs and Kalamata olives: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

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                        I simply use chicken/vegetable broth to cook the couscous and then top it with assorted sauteed vegetables, throw in/or not any leftover chicken as well. I use mushrooms of all kinds, snow peas, thinly sliced carrots, celery, onions,slivered garlic, sweet pepper finely sliced baby bok choy if I have it. In the summer I use it chilled, mixed into an Israeli Salad that has been well drained of its marinade.

                      2. I saw it on the shelves over the weekend at Lady York Foods on Dufferin south of Lawrence.

                        1. Ararat grocery store on Avenue rd north of Lawrence on west side opposite no name store has them