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Apr 24, 2007 07:44 AM

Peninsula Chinese Food

I know this is an old topic but I'm wondering if anyone has any new ideas.
Where can I find good - heck, I'd settle for decent - Chinese food on the Peninsula?
I ate at Su Hong to go last week. It was serviceable but nothing special.
I've heard good things about Yat Sing. Anyone?

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  1. Practically everywhere. I would not recommend Su Hong Menlo Park to my worse enemy, but Su Hong Palo Alto is very good for Shanghainese. There is a murderers' row of Chinese food on El Camino Real in Millbrae. There are pleny more in the south bay.

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      Murderers' Row--I like that description. I think Millbrae is the closest thing to a Monterey Park or San Gabriel in the Bay Area. Hong Kong Flower Lounge, Zen Peninsula, the Kitchen, Fook Yuen--heck, even Hong Kong Pavillion, Shanghai Dumpling Shop, New Hoi Fai, Broadway Bistro, etc. etc. etc. all on El Camino Real or steps away.

    2. Not only in Millbare there is whole bunch in San Mateo, Foster City and Mountain View. A quick search will show them for you. There are really too many to list.

      1. The peninsula is a hotbed for good Chinese food, both regional and generic. Just type in "peninsula chinese" in the search box above and a whole bunch will show up.

        Millbrae is probably one of the best spots. I agree with previous posters in recommending Fook Yuen, The Kitchen, Shanghai Dumpling Show, Broadway Bistro, HK Flower Lounge. There's also Joy (regional food, not generic Chinese) in Foster City and Joy Luck Place in San Mateo (generic and dimsum). I've also heard good things about Chef King in San Mateo as well (hotpot). The possibilities are endless.

        1. There's also Everyday Beijing in San Mateo for really good homestyle Northern Chinese fare that a lot of hounds have been enjoying lately. Also recommended in San Mateo are Silver House (superb Cantonese), and of course Shanghai East on 25th Ave, and Happy Cafe for good ol' hole in the wall Shanghainese (open for dinner only one day a week).

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            Got tired of the snobby service at Silver House. Went to Mr. Fong's. Got tired of the grouchy cashier lady who refused to recognize me after 30 dinners there. Went to Golden Wok(nr. Norfolk and 3rd Ave, San Mateo). Hate to give up this secret, but the food is good and plentiful. This is not the place to go for live seafood, but for mainstays like crispy skin chicken, braised tofu with gai choy, juyem(?) fish, yee mein noodles, beef stew in clay pot. Great prices, friendly owner, and always free soup and red bean dessert.

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              They have a couple of dishes that I always seem to order when I go there, a soy sauce chicken and this meatball vermicelli dish. I haven't been there for a few years though - our friends used to live nearby.

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                Perserved vegetables and side pork, Kou Yuke. Not good if you have a blood test coming up.

                Also Golden Wok for the cheap cheap lunch. Forgot about this little hole in the wall.

          2. I'll post this, since this has come up once again. Oceanic on El Camino Real (East side) just south of 25th Avenue is a great find. Low oil, and great brown rice with friendly service. The twice cooked pork and chicken salad are solid winners!

            bbqman, and a long time San Mateo resident