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Mexican brunch dishes

I know there was a thread about this, but either my searching skills are pathetic, or I am making things up...

Anyway, there is a brunch pot-luck on Cinco de Mayo, which is actually not a Mexican theme, but since I LOVE Mexican food I wanted to make something that can be transported that is brunchy and Mexican. But although I make Mexican food all of the time, I am drawing a blank on what would be good wihtout being served up immediately after making and is brunchy...

Recipes not required, just some ideas would be great.

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      Do they travel well? When I make them, they don't seem to last well, but maybe I don't fry the tortillas enough in an effort to make them healthier...

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        Yes, it travels wonderfully. You can also use premade tortilla chips from the Mexican Supermarket, the thicker ones...


    2. I do a great dish with diced potatoes, roasted green chilis (fresh), chorizo, onions, eggs and some cilantro and serve with corn tortillias.

      1. For my husband's breakfast club I made breakfast burritos with egg, onion, green pepper and tomato. I did half with sausage and half without. I also brought in taco sauce for people to put in or on the burritos if they wanted. They were a huge hit.

        1. Green chile quiche was an all-day staple in my house growing up. My mom was always true to the chiles- plain roasted green chiles with jack and cheddar cheese, and a smooth red salsa on top, but I've added chorizo, onions, peppers, queso fresco... whatever I have.

          1. I agree quiche would be good. Or even a baked egg casserole with Mexican ingredients.

            1. The quintessential Mexican brunch dish is Menudo.... my prefered version is served with a plain sope, wedge of fresco cheese, usual garnishes & a glass of dry sparkling wine similiar to Freixenet (Freixenet produces drinkable sparkling wines in Querataro a couple of hours north of Mexico City)

              1. A Oaxacan lady of my acquaintance makes the most delicious burritos with scrambled eggs and green beans!

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                  Are you sure they are green beans and not nopales? I've had them with green beans before, but nopales are much more common (and better).

                2. I'm gonna go with the chilaquilies, though traveling is a problem . .. probably your best best is some sort of quiche or frittata if you truly can't cook anything when you get there.

                  On the other hand, having grown up in San Antonio, I would kill for the breakfast tacos we used to get for 50c on San Pedro -- you could perhaps fry up a batch of chorizo, some scrambled eggs, and some potatoes, make some salsa, and let people make their own out whichever of those they prefer -- and the greasier, the better. Damn, those things were good.

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                    They should travel fine if they aren't cooked to death,,, and of course the most important thing is that they are aged very well (i.e. stale).