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Apr 24, 2007 07:43 AM

Mexican brunch dishes

I know there was a thread about this, but either my searching skills are pathetic, or I am making things up...

Anyway, there is a brunch pot-luck on Cinco de Mayo, which is actually not a Mexican theme, but since I LOVE Mexican food I wanted to make something that can be transported that is brunchy and Mexican. But although I make Mexican food all of the time, I am drawing a blank on what would be good wihtout being served up immediately after making and is brunchy...

Recipes not required, just some ideas would be great.

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    1. re: lucybobo

      Do they travel well? When I make them, they don't seem to last well, but maybe I don't fry the tortillas enough in an effort to make them healthier...

      1. re: jsaimd

        Yes, it travels wonderfully. You can also use premade tortilla chips from the Mexican Supermarket, the thicker ones...


    2. I do a great dish with diced potatoes, roasted green chilis (fresh), chorizo, onions, eggs and some cilantro and serve with corn tortillias.

      1. For my husband's breakfast club I made breakfast burritos with egg, onion, green pepper and tomato. I did half with sausage and half without. I also brought in taco sauce for people to put in or on the burritos if they wanted. They were a huge hit.

        1. Green chile quiche was an all-day staple in my house growing up. My mom was always true to the chiles- plain roasted green chiles with jack and cheddar cheese, and a smooth red salsa on top, but I've added chorizo, onions, peppers, queso fresco... whatever I have.

          1. I agree quiche would be good. Or even a baked egg casserole with Mexican ingredients.