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Apr 24, 2007 07:42 AM

Henry St. in Brooklyn Heights

So has anyone tried The Busy Chef (prepared foods, in the old Food Maestro location) or Uncommon Grounds (coffee place near Cranberry's)? I walked by last night but both were closed.

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  1. Busy Chef was open yesterday (Monday) around 6. I picked up what they called pulled pork barbecue. It was awful, and it was $10 for just a plastic clamshell of barbecue, no sides. It wasn't actually pulled, but chopped with big chunks of fat, and oversauced with a fake smoke flavor. I should have known better, but I was shopping while hungry and the idea of 'cue was appealing.

    1. I had their chicken pot pie and teriyaki vegetables and thought both were good. Their scones are a little too sweet, Cranberry's are better but their breakfast sandwiches are good. I am just glad that a promising place has opened up in that spot. The last restaurant was so depressing.

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        Thanks for the feedback. I'll give it a try (but will definitely stay away from the "pulled" pork).

      2. Is the Busy Chef owned by the same Pig n Out people?

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          I can't keep up with who is running what on that end of Henry St. I think Busy Chef is related to the new coffee place on the other corner, and maybe they are all related to Blue Pig Ice Cream?

        2. A friend brought us some food from the Busy Chef.

          - Macaroni and cheese was good, but nothing mind-blowing.
          - Stuffed peppers were good, but nothing mind-blowing.
          - Veggie lasagna was okay - a little gloppy but tasted okay.
          - Fish sticks were cute (in the shape of little fish, which our 2yo liked) but not that good.

          I don't live near there so I don't know how their prices are, but I'd certainly experiment a bit more if the prices aren't that bad.