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Apr 24, 2007 07:38 AM

Dagwood Sandwich coming to Rosslyn and Reston

Has anyone been to this place before? Looks like they have several shops in Florida and hopefully they can give Subway some competition.

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  1. cool. i am generally against chains, but if they can actually manage to make a good po' boy and south carolina-style bbq, ill be excited.

    1. In Reston at least there is plenty of competition to Subway - if only the sheeple would wake up.

      Did try a new one to me today. It's in Worldgate, and is a chain. I got the beefeater and was a little let down, but my wife's grilled turkey was better than I would have thought it would be. They seem to focus on breakfast and brunch. I'm not going to rush back, but it's certainly an added option for me now.

      I will venture to DW's about a month after they open, give the cuban a try, most likely.

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      1. re: Dennis S

        what is the competition in reston (competition to subway)? i know there is the deli in worldgate next to qdoba and there is another one (primo) in plaza america but i havent seen anything much except quiznos and potbelly.

        1. re: kneelconqueso

          A Deli, the one you mentioned in Worldgate is related - but not up to par (by far, imo) - to its elder The Deli, over in the K-Mart area. So, The Deli.

          Pica Deli (an offshoot of the one in Arlington) - tucked away off Sunrise near Reston Pkwy. I'm not a fan of that location but some hounds here that have steered my right otherwise do like it.

          Via Cucina, further up the road from Reston Pkwy does the good cold sandwich thing.

          I haven't been to the place in the clocktower, but they do Boar's Head which I know is qualification enough for some (or so it seems).

          There are more options if we were to grow the boundaries from Subway. Also, if the location were stretched for those with this question who live in or near Reston, Chutzpah and the place in Oakton (the old Friendly's) would also be good options.

          1. re: Dennis S

            what's the thing to get at 'the deli'? whats up with the bread there? i wasnt so impressed with 'a deli' when i went, but maybe i ordered the wrong thing.

            always looking for more cheap food in reston. seems like all i ever eat is indian and reston kebab. occasionally make it out to qdoba (their chips and queso is good) or walk over to town center to get mediocre chain mexican or chain french food.

            1. re: kneelconqueso

              You're right that the bread could be better. At The Deli, the Hot Sicilian is incredible, imo, (with everything on it). There at least, the specialty sandwiches are listed as double portions. By specifying a single portion for those, you save a couple of bucks and don't feel so bad later on.

              Charcoal Kebab, also in K-Mart is a good deal. The spinach is incredible as a side, btw.

              5 Guys is there (cheap option). Also, around the corner behind the McD's is Teocalli as well as a Salvadoran market that serves food out of the back of it. I haven't been to that one in a while, but I know it's been posted on in the past year or two favorably. And Dona Gloria, over near the Gold's gym has good food at good prices, but I've always found the service unbearably slow.

              As far as other latin fare, the Lakeside Cafe at Lake Anne is great tasting. Seems a dollar or two more expensive than I'd like, but it's fresh, well made, and a mother/son combination. The mercado in the parking lot should be avoided, imo. However, there is a taco truck on Rt 7, just east of Baron Cameron, near the 7-11 that is very good. You can get his phone number from him and call ahead as well.

              For pho and other vietnamese fare, Pho Reston 75, in the Tall Oaks center is the best I've found in Reston/Herndon. One place used to be a bit better, but they sold and are now Pho and Beyond, which leaves me wanting. Pollo Inka is next to it, for peruvian chicken and other things, including sopas. I preferred Pollo Real near the Giant on Elden, but unfortunately it's out of business.

            2. re: Dennis S

              Can you give a few more clues as to exactly where Pica Deli is? I'm dying for a new place to get food.

              Chutzpah is absolutely terrible.

              1. re: jpschust

                Pica: there's the exxon over near Reston Kebab. There's a small office park on the opposite side of the exxon from Reston Kebab. Pica is in there, in one of the back buildings. If you turned as if you were turning into Exxon/Popeyes, and go all the way to turn left near Popeye's instead of right, you'll enter the office park from the back. It is in this case one of the first buildings on the left.

                I've had a couple of things that didn't get me at Chutzpah, but their large hot sandwiches and their omelettes are great. The corned beef has was surprisingly disappointing.

                1. re: Dennis S

                  Thanks so much- I'll head over there for lunch today. I'm just terribly sick of all the places I've been going to.