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Apr 24, 2007 07:25 AM

Going to Vegas May 3 for the first time. Any great, interesting or unique restos/food recos that won't cost me a fortune? I'm game for anything.


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  1. Will you have a car? One place I like off the Strip is Rincon de Buenos Aires on Spring Mountain between Lindell and Decatur. Killer steak sandwhich.

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    1. re: Eric

      Just checked your reco online -- sounds amazing. I'm psyched. A $7 corkage fee - sign me up! Thanks.

      1. re: Mimimimimi

        If you're feeling adventerous, not far from Rincon de Buenos Aires is Penang Malaysian at 5115 Spring Mountain Rd. It's a little hard to spot, upstairs in an Asian Plaza, but the food is quite good and exotic. It's inexpensive as well.

        1. re: Doug in Mesa

          Have you been to Penang recently? I've heard from several people that it has gone downhill. I remember writing a very favorable review here a couple years ago, focusing primarily on the fish entrees and the roti telur.

          Penang and Hue Thai Sandiwiches are neighbors on the same level at 5115 Spring Mountain.

      2. re: Eric

        Just got back from Vegas. Thanks for everyone's recos, only went to Rincon de Buenos Aires, as time was an issue. My Vegas loving friend hated the atmosphere (she loves the Strip), but I was in heaven - the deli counter, the little shop, the canned pop @ .75ยข versus $3 at the hotel. Scary to think about how much travellers are gouged on the strip! We started with chorizo, chimmichurri sauce with several different empanadas - beyond delicious. Breaded steak was good, but I wish I tried the sandwich reco. No regrets though. House special salad was so big it was funny. Dulce de leche flan amazing, service fantastic. The big chunks of olives in the beef empanadas - I can still taste them. Can't understand why is everyone so fat in Vegas, and why it takes FOREVER to get from A to B in Vegas, but those questions are for another blog I suppose. Rincon was the culinary highlight of my trip to Vegas. All I kept thinking about was how am I going to get a bunch of empanadas into my suitcase. Regretfully, the hotel didn't have a freezer.

      3. Lotus of Siam (usually abbreviated LOS at Chowhound) is considered by many to be the best Thai restaurant in the US. I don't know if it is that good, but it certainly serves excellent food at reasonable prices.

        You can find out a lot about the place with a quick search for LOS.

        It is not on the strip, however.


        1. You have to go to LOS. I go everytime I'm in Vegas, and it gets better and better. Try the tom yom soup and whole fried catfish, for starters.

          Rosemary's has a very affordable prix fixe for very good food.

          1. We went to get Vietnamese sandwiches for a picnic lunch at Hue Thai's Asian Cuisine 5115 W. Spring Mountain Rd., 702-943-8872. It was proclaimed by Playboy magazine as Best Ethnic restaurant in Las Vegas... in 2005, I think. :-) They were pretty good; my friends went back (without me) the next day for lunch. They have pho and other standard Vietnamese fare, but I didn't try it.

            1. Emeril's New Orleans Fish House (MGM Grand) is always nice for lunch. Great food, more relaxed than dinner and not as busy.

              If you're downtown and feel the need to get a cheap shrimp cocktail, go to the deli in the Golden Gate, and spring the extra money for the "big shrimp" cocktail.

              Avoid the fried Twinkies and Oreos downtown. They still give me nightmares.

              I've heard that Nine Fine Irishmen (NYNY) serves some good grub, pretty consistient.

              Huge portions, but not dirt cheap - the Peppermill (next to the Riviera).

              I'll continue to stand by my love for the dive Margarita's Cantina (New Frontier) as long as it is still standing (which may not be too long, rumors are always flying about New Frotier being sold). Best refried beans I've ever had, cheap margaritas and good food.

              You might want to check out the dining section of the Las Vegas Review Journal (, they do reviews of mostly off-Strip places.

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                Nora's Cuisine on W. Flamingo, just a short cab ride from Rio. Total Gem and you will go back.
                Old Italian family doing their thing in Vegas.