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Any ideas for leftover roast chicken?

I'm looking for easy recipes using left over roast chicken for dinner tonight. Any ideas, anyone?

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  1. Ceasar salad w/chicken
    chicken tacos
    chicken enchiladas
    chicken salad

    1. 2nd the enchildas suggestion. I did this just last week with a great salsa verde recipe from cook's that was sooo yummy! if you're interested i can post it

      1. BBQ chicken pizza, or quesadillas (bbq sauce, smoked gouda, red onions, pineapple)
        Chicken broccoli fettuchini
        Simple stirfry

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        1. Chicken, mayo, black pepper on white bread!

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            Know it sounds so very plain...but it is a GREAT sandwich!

          2. Best thing is not tonight but some other night. Make up a package of stuffing mix. Add extra sage. Put the leftover chicken meat on top. Put a can of chicken gravy over that. Cover with saran. Seal in plastic bag. Freeze. Have this for dinner some night when you've been too busy to cook.

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              Yeah, that's the ticket! That's what I did a couple weeks ago.

              Another idea is to chop it up and add it to soup. When I'm in a hurry I'll make a pot of ramen and add the chicken to that. But all kinds of soup will do. I have put it in bean soup before and that was good.

            2. Add it to homemade potato salad for an entree.

              1. I made a chicken salad loosely based on the below recipe:


                I like it because it doesn't have mayo, and it's fantastic made with roasted chicken.

                1. How about macaroni and cheese with chicken? One of my favorites!

                  1. And you decided on...?

                    1. Too late, but I love Shaker Chicken Pudding
                      We just had a slightly modified version of this (no butter on top, less

                      Shaker Chicken Pudding
                      2-3 cups cooked chicken meat, diced
                      1/2 cup diced apples
                      1/2 cup chopped onion
                      1/2 cup chopped celery
                      2 oz butter
                      4 fl oz cider
                      1/2 tsp salt
                      1/4 tsp pepper
                      pinch nutmeg
                      2 tbs flour
                      1 ounce butter
                      8 fl oz double cream
                      1 cup breadcrumbs
                      1 oz melted butter

                      Dice meat. Gently saute apples, onions, celery in 2 oz butter until soft.
                      Add cider, salt and pepper, nutmeg. Simmer, covered, 1/2 hour until the
                      vegetables are very soft. Uncover, cook a few minutes more until it
                      In a saucepan, cook flour in 1 ounce butter a few minutes, stirring, until
                      it just begins to change colour.
                      Add cream, cook, stirring, until it thickens. Mix into this sauce the
                      vegetable hash and chicken, pour into a buttered baking dish, sprinkle
                      with breadcrumbs, pour over melted butter, bake at Mark 4, 350 F, 20

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                        that sounds super delicious

                        do you use regular or hard cider?

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                          I made this tonight - it was delicious. Thanks for sharing!

                        2. White Chicken Chili


                          Just shred the chicken in at the very end. You just need to warm it, since it's already cooked.

                          1. I like an Asian or Latin flavor for leftover roast chicken.

                            roast chicken lettuce wraps: mix some leftover roast chicken with a bit of hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, chopped water chestnuts, and chopped green onions. stir-fry some sliced red and green bell peppers, onions, a little garlic and minced ginger, and then season with some soy sauce to taste. mix all of that with the chicken mixture and fill your lettuce cups and enjoy! i like Butter Lettuce for this dish.

                            Roast chicken taquitos: mix some shredded roast chicken with your favorite salsa, shredded monterey jack cheese to taste, and then fill some corn tortillas with the chicken mixture. roll up the tortillas into cigars and secure with a toothpick; deep fry or brush with oil and bake on a cookie sheet in a hot oven until golden brown and crispy. serve with some salsa and sour cream - bon appetit!!!

                            1. Sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, bacon, and mayo. When done right with top-quality ingredients these are heaven on earth! I've been known to roast extra-large chickens just to have leftovers for these. Plus I prefer dark meat when eating hot roast chicken, and white meat for sandwiches, so everything gets used at its best.

                                1. Chicken pot pie. Good way to also utilize any leftover vegees you might have in the fridge.

                                  1. Roast chicken makes the world's best chicken salad.

                                    Or here's a new invention of mine my kids/grandkids/church choir members gobbled up, young and old alike.

                                    Saute some chopped onion/green pepper/garlic til golden, mix in a can of Campbell's Chicken Verde soup and abt.1/2-2/3 that much sour cream. Add some green Mex. salsa or enchilada sauce or canned chopped green chile if you like--or some heat w/Chipotle Tabasco, cayenne. Blend well, test for S&P.

                                    (The Chicken Verde soup is outstanding: beautifully seasoned. Best "recipe" soup they've come up with yet if you like SW flavors.)

                                    Put chicken, cut in thick slices across the grain or bite-size chunks, in baking dish and cover with the sauce. Grate lots of Monterey Jack cheese (or that 4-cheese Mex blend) over it, dot w/sour cream, bake at 325 till bubbling all the way to the center.

                                    Serve over rice or with warm tortillas, with shredded iceburg lettuce & chopped tomatoes on the side like they do in Tex-Mex restaurants. And guacamole, if possible.

                                    1. Toss in a mustardy vinaigrette with French green beans and small roasted potatoes. It's really good on salad greens or just by itself