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Apr 24, 2007 07:18 AM

Bouchee on Newbury Street

Any reviews?

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Their onion soup is horrendous. Avoid it. I promised never to order it again, but gave it yet another chance today at lunch and it weas worse than ever. Thin and tasteless with zero complexity and way too much bread in it.

        The rest of the food is quite mediocre, as well.

        Try Brasserie Jo or Petit Robert Bistro instead.

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          i very much disagree that it's mediocre. i've eaten there many times and it's good, not great, bistro fare. the duck confit, the mussels, the rillettes, all the salads, the flatbread pizzas, etc. all are good. miles above most of the food in the neighborhood. the portions are generous. a salad and an app are plenty for me. plenty of interesting and reasonably priced wines from off-beat areas. plus they have a raw bar.

        2. I have to second that comment about the onion soup. It is awful. Shouldn't a brasserie know how to make that? Other menu items are decent but perhaps not worth Newbury Street prices. The atmosphere is quite nice.

          1. I would concur on the merde-like status of the onion soup. This is not really very difficult to make. I thought I tasted hints of garlic powder. The rest of the meal average, but unless the bar crowd props it up, or corporate pours money into it, there will be one more for rent sign at which to blow air kisses.

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              Really? I thought it had been doing splendidly since it opened. I've had one excellent meal there and a couple mediocre ones. They actually have a damn good burger, and a better filet mignon than Abe and Louie's!