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Apr 24, 2007 06:54 AM

Cava Wineries to Visit?

We are planning on driving through cava country one day of our trip to Barcelona in early June. Does anyone have any suggestions for good ones we should definately check out?


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  1. I haven't been to these, but they all have websites, so you might want to use this list to see what looks interesting:

    Cava Blancher
    Plaça Pont Roma, 5 08770 SANT SADURNÍ DA ANOIA BARCELONA

    Cavas Cardoner

    Cavas Castell Sant Antoni
    Passeig del Parc, 13 08770 Sant Sadurní da Anoia. Barcelona

    Cavas Ferret
    Av. Catalunya, 36 08736 GUARDIOLA DE FONT-RUBÍ

    Cavas Hill
    Bonavista, 2 - 08734 MOJA. Alt Penedès - Barcelona

    Cavas Lavernoya S.A.
    Sant Pere, 17 08770 SANT SADURNÍ DA ANOIA

    Cavas Masachs

    Caves Llopart S.A.
    Ctra. de St. Sadurní a l'Ordal, Km. 4 - 08739 Subirats

    Caves R.Canals Canals
    Av. Mare de Déu de Montserrat, 9 - 08769 Castellví de Rosanes (Barcelona

    1. Make sure you go on a weekday and then make sure to call ahead! WAY AHEAD. Drop in visitors rarely get much of a tour. Lots to see though and Sant Sadurni is the place to start. Remember too that you are in the Penedes and there are lots of great wineries that you could visit that don't make Cava.
      If you up for a nice lunch at a picturesque site, visit Can Bonastre. They just opened a wine spa that overlooks Montserrat. I stayed there the first week they were open while visiting a bunch of wineries. Great place and in the heart of it all.

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        Thanks to both for the suggestions. We are going on a Wedneseday and have booked visits at three sites Freixenet, Codorniu in Sant Sadurni and Jean Leon (they all had online tour reservations). I am also hoping to maybe dine at the location you posted it doesn't seem to far away.

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          My wife and I will be visiting the region in October. How did your Cava experiences end up?

          1. re: dcskinsfan

            Not strictly speaking a Cava experience but I highly recommend doing a tour at Pares Balta. It is a little family winery that I lucked upon when taking a day off on a business trip to Barca.

            Happy travels and drinking.

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              Hello everybody,
              I'm sorry to make a point here, might not be that important for some, but I know it's been stated a few times here on the boards:
              "The abbreviation 'Barça' applies only to the football team. When abbreviating Barcelona, locals say 'Barna' instead."

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              perfect timing, October in Catalunya - for a memorable cava visit, make an appointment at Recaredo in Sant Sadurní (cava capital), legendary, family-owned, biodynamic estate making long-aged cavas, some from single vineyards. Agusti Torello, Gramona, Juve i Camps, Raventos i Blanc also worthwhile. Then go and have lunch at Restaurant U in Les Gunyoles, outstanding food and encyclopaedic wine list. In same village is a great little winery, Mas Candi, recently constituted by 4 young partners. For more info, Nico James, Brit-German resident in Penedes, importer and wine guide, is your man,

              1. re: Sue Style

                We're headed that way too, second week of October, was planning on touring Codorniu in Sant Sadurni before eventually ending up in Tarragona for the night. Do you have any contact/menu/cost info for Restaurant U? Sounds like it might make a great leisurely lunch stop.

                1. re: primitivecinema

                  crazy website, dark and esoteric but persevere. Menu is around 35 euros, prob. 45 with wine pairings. The wine list is worth a detour, also on the site (if you can find it). Oh and take no notice of the stuff about 'neo-medieval cuisine', it's a pointless distraction. Fact is, this guy (Raimon Olivella) can cook. Take in a tasting at Mas Candi just down the road if you can fit it in.