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What to drink this summer? [moved from South board]

Typically, for me at any rate, Tequila on the rocks with a squeeze of lime is sublime. But last summer, the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal turned me onto fruit and booze. It started with using pomegranate syrup with rum. Too sweet. Then they suggested making your own syrup using red raspberries. Oh yeah... now we're talking. But that takes time and you have to cook it. Back to the pomegranate... There is a product on the shelves called POM juice. In the produce section of a place like Ingles. So here is my drink for the summer...

2 oz amber rum (not spiced)
2 oz POM juice
2 oz soda
1 big squirt of lime juice
over ice.

Pomegranate had the same healthful properties as red wine.

What is yours?

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  1. Is pomegranate syrup the same as pomegranate molasses? Have you expiramented with the POM flavors?

    We usually go through massive quantities of Topolo margaritas between Derby and Labor Day.

    I'm curious about the new variety of Tanqueray (made with limes, or something like that). It sounds like it might be a good beginning for some summer cocktails.

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      You're talking about Tanqueray Rangpur. Rangpurs are actually a type of mandarin orange that tastes like a sour lime. I find that unless you really like lime a lot, that TR overwhelms many cocktails.

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        The Pomegranate syrup is made by Sonoma Syrup Co and is an infused simple syrup... not good for drinks. I have not tried other POM flavors - that being because I was so happy with the straight juice. I'll have to look up Topolo margs. I do a Colorado Marg that is as follows:

        2 oz of Sauza Conmemorativo
        2 oz Cointreau (or Controy if in Mexico)
        1 juice of lime
        1 splash of orange juice
        over ice with salted rim - let sit for 3 minutes - stir and serve

        OK looked up the Topolo Marg and it's not that far off of the Colorado Marg except for the Grand Torres and sugar... the Contreau has enough sugar in it without adding more. Also, one of the reason's I don't use Grand Marnier is the brandy in it (which the Grand Torres has also) and the viscosity in the drink isn't just right.... yes viscosity is important in a margaritta! And both use Conmemorativo which in my book is the perfect margarita tequila!

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          I've been noticing lately that I prefer my margaritas WAY less sweeet than the Topolos we've been making. Colorado sounds perfect.

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            Just remember when you are serving these to guests - a.) they are not cheap (Cointreau is 30-35 bucks a bottle - Conmemorativo $25), b.) they are potent, and c.) they are delicious and people will want more!!!.... make sure you limit them judiciously and don't let friends drive drunk. One thing you will discover - when you first pour them they will appear to be very strong, but once the ice begins to dilute them, they will go down sooooo easy. Having at one point been a barkeep (20 years ago) I still run into old clients who still ask me about them. Now THAT is an impression. lol. Also the suggestion of using Controy from Mexico is just as good and so much cheaper ($11). Just wish we could get it here in the States. If anyone knows where to get it I'd be so happy... hmmm maybe I should do a post on that.

      2. I drink almost the exact same thing, only with vodka instead of rum. (POM, vodka, soda water/seltzer, lime.) It's less sweet that way. Sometimes cranberry instead of POM.

        1. Good summer drinks for the Florida heat:

          Gin and Tonic

          1. Obviously it depends upon my mood and/or craving, but my "standbys" for the summer include Lillet blanc on the rocks with an orange twist; Camapri & soda; a classic Gin & Tonic; or Hangar One Mandarin straight out of the freezer . . .

            1. My summer standby and crowd pleaser
              One part fresh squeezed lime juice.
              Two parts white rum (Ron Rico is my favorite - no need for pricey stuff - a great advantage of rum I say)
              Sugar to taste. I used to hassle with simple syrup but now I just add sugar and shake it in a mason jar until it dissolves.
              Serve on the rocks. Keep the jar in the freezer.
              I like it kinda sour so anyone who wants it sweeter is encouraged to add triple sec to taste. To vary things I use any combination of lime, lemon and or unsweetened cranberry juice.
              Pomegranate juice sounds like a worthy addition to the rotation as long as it is not too sweet.

              Fast acting yes, but it is one of your "5 a day for health!"

              And sometimes one needs a G&T instead.

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                POM juice is not too sweet - and you can regulate this by the amount of lime juice and/or POM juice you contribute to the drink.