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Apr 24, 2007 05:55 AM

Farmers Markets in or near Atlanta

Visiting from NY - would like to go to a farmers market - guide book says Dekalb or Atlanta State Farmers market. Either worth visiting?

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  1. dekalb is excellent and an institution.

    If the "Atlanta"market is on Buford hwy, then yes -- if it is not I am not familiar.

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      Dekalb farmers market is definitely the one to hit

    2. Dekalb Farmers market is fun and interesting, the Atlanta State Farmers market is vegetable stands and good tomatoes and nurseries with plants. I enjoy it but I don't know if it is worth the trip. What is worth it is the International Farmers Market on Chamblee Tucker and Peachtree Industrial. That is the coolest farmers market ever. It has fruit and vegetables you have never seen before. I see chefs from local restaurants in there all the time. Oh and Buford Hwy Farmers Mkt. really cool too. They have a man in the back corner making unbelievable dumplings. Check it out! Have fun.

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        Where is Buford? Never heard of that one.

        Int'l market is much closer to me but I've never been adventurous to try because it has looked rundown at times - seems to have gotten a paint job recently. Any other details I should know about it before trying it out?

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          Buford Highway Farmers Market is just outside the perimeter on Buford Hwy, on the left. It was (in my opinion) much much better than the International Farmers Market, which may have gotten better recently as I think they expanded, so can't compare. BHFM has a great Korean section with freshly made kimchis, amazing handmade dumplings, excellent tofu, etc. Their produce is great and mind-bogglingly inexpensive.

      2. Dekalb (and Buford Hwy, and International) "Farmers Markets" are not really "farmers markets" per se, as they are not local farmers, cheesemakers, etc. coming to sell direct to the public. They ARE very good, eclectic grocery stores basically.

        If you want a true "farmers market," the Morningside market on Saturday's across from Alon's is tiny but good quality. The Saturday morning Piedmont Park farmers market, which starts in a few weeks (?maybe?), is the closest I've seen to something like the Union Square Greenmarket or the amazing farmers markets out in San Francisco.

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          I hit the International Farmer's Mkt recently for the first time in a while. They've somewhat de-cluttered and cleaner, but it also seemed like they didn't have as much stuff. Don't know if they gear up for the weekend like YDFM does.

          I suspect Morningside would be a disappointment to anyone who's been to the farmer's markets in NYC (or Chicago, San Fran, DC). Great stuff, but priced dearly.

        2. the Dekalb Farmers Market on Ponce is one of my favorite places in the world! I love it there. However, Buskuit is right... it's not a traditional "farmer's" market, it's really more of an international grocery store. But it's got everything from fresh meat and live seafood to boxed dried spices and fresh veggies from around the world. They also have a great hot bar and bakery that are super cheap and yummy!

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            Piedmont Park Farmer's "Green Market" begins May 5

            Morningside Farmer's Market is great if you are in the area. Yes it is expensive but not compared to the Ferry Market in SF. Great vibe. Support local if possible. I love it, but it is down the street from me.

            The Local Farmstand located beside Star Provisions is nice if in the area but very small. You do get the ultra-major bonus of Star Provisions being next door.

            Check out very informative article by Jennifer Zyman aka "Blissful Glutton" in Atlanta Intown Paper. Here you will find info about the real Farmer's Markets in ATL:

            While living in SF, I found many unbelievably great small stores supplying a very comprehensive selection of a particular focused product, thus filling a very specific niche. It was difficult to find reasonable "one stop" shopping that was somewhat along the lines of a "farmer's market."The Ferry Building was great indeed but was not always economical or logistically reasonable for my shopping needs.

            Your Dekalb Farmer's Market (YDFM), on the other hand, does come close to fulfilling that "one stop" farmer's market need. No, it is not SF, but it is amazing. My friends from SF are more impressed with ATL than with any other aspect of our city. Great variety it has. It is truly the greatest IMO. No, not a true "farmer's market" but the palpable international energy, beautiful produce, cheap prices, excellent quality and superb selection make YDFM a huge hit with me and my friends. It has veal brain, veal tongue, lamb liver, mountain oysters, quail, rabbit, fat back, belly, buffalo, chicken feet, lamb hearts, veal stock bones,etc., and a produce selection that is even better.

            Buford Highway Farmer's Market is great too and tends to be more Asian. YDFM is better IMO but also located much closer to me.

            Biskuit is right on it as usual.

            Jmax, from NY, I say go to Your Dekalb Farmer's Market. If you can make it to Piedmont Park, do it. I would say go to Super H but it doesn't fit... and it is far. If you are a Korean food fan, Super H is definitely worth it.