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Apr 24, 2007 05:52 AM


Has it closed and gone into recievership? Any info?

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  1. It has gone into Chapter 11 (reorganization) so it's open and all appears to be well. I stopped in yesterday afternoon for a drink and an appy. I had the day off so I got there early....3:30-4:00. At that hour on a Monday it was empty.....we took glasses of wine to the 2nd story balcony.

    I plan to try to get in there a little more often for meals and prod my friends to do the same.....we have so little to choose from (of this caliber) in northern RI, that I'd hate to see them fail.

    1. I was just there this past weekend. We were told that Vintage is not in Chapter 11. They are in receivership. They are not closing and are continuing business as usual and looking forward to a future with Vintage in Woonsocket. My husband and I both love Vintage and try to stop in several times a month and were relieved to hear that they are staying open. It was pretty busy Friday night at dinner. Our entrees were great. They have expanded the bar menu to include some more casual offerings.

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        They told you that AT Vintage? That seems odd.....receivership involves a 3rd party running the company (which I did not think they had)....while Chapter 11 is simply reorganization and protection from creditors....which was what I was told they had filed.

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          Yes. I was told this at Vintage. The Woonsocket Call is also reporting it as a receivership.

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            Hmmm, I think that's worse then (worse than Ch 11). You know, I will say they haven't really seemed to address issues that have been brought to their attention. The Projo's review was lukewarm and a big part of that was snooty, I would think that would be made very clear to the staff that attitude wouldn't be tolerated.....yet the bartender who took care of us Monday afternoon was not the friendliest of ladies.....even when we bussed our own dishes from the upstairs patio to save her a trip.

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              My experience has been just the opposite. I have noticed changes in portion sizes (larger) and the additions to the bar menu as a direct response to feedback. In the last six months or so, I have found the service (we always sit at the bar) to be much improved. I recognize the manager and have found him to be very receptive to feedback and suggestions.

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                Mgmt has always been great (Larry and ....Brian? Larry always seemed more visible) and most of the waitstaff as well....but there are a couple of snotty bartenders, one male, one female....although I haven't seen the guy in there in quite some time. But I will definitely continue to patronize and will prod my friends to do the's hard enough trying to figure out where to go in northern RI.

                Do you like d.carlo in Smithfield? I go pretty regularly, as it's a halfway point between myself and a friend.

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                  Brian is gone now. A couple of months ago, there was one bartender that we had some issues with (not quite refined enough) but there were some changes in the bar staff since then. Larry seems really passionate about making Vintage work and really wants people to come in and have a great time and good food. Like you, we will keep going and also encourage others to go. It is really nice having a place like Vintage so close by. Maybe we should do a Northern RI Chowhound gathering at Vintage!

                  We have been to d. carlo once and really enjoyed it. It is on my list of places to get back to and we have stopped by several times, intending to go, but the place has been mobbed and the parking lot full. This is definately a place we need to get back to again.

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                    I would definitely be interested in a chowhound gathering! Maybe to plump up the numbers we could even strong-arm some Prov types to join us as well?

                    1. re: JaneRI

                      Email me and we can discuss a chowhound gathering more off the board, then post once we have a date and time. lisa5106 at yahoo dot com

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            ok not to sound too dense but what does recivership mean?

            1. re: professorbeezer

              Basically, it's similar to bankruptcy. A receiver is put in charge of the company's affairs, with the goal of recouping as much of the businesses debts and unpaid loans as possible.

              Idea is to keep the cash flowing for a business to meet debts, but it often ends in liquidation anyways.

        1. This weekend Providence Journal has a For Sale advert for Vintage. Says it is being sold by the reciever....

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            According to today's ProJo, exec. chef Brian Counihan recently left Vintage and their sous-chef has filled those shoes.