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Apr 24, 2007 05:49 AM

Best Pasta in Manhattan?

At what Manhattan restaurant can I get the "best", freshest, homemade style pasta?

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  1. Del Posto for gourmet.

    Il Cortile for homestyle.

    1. Babbo and get the pasta tasting menu.

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        1. re: Angelina

          I was thinking of felidia - what's the general word on the pasta there? been meaning to try it...

          1. re: Nalega

            I find the place overrated. They suffer from "death by ingredients," the disease with which you get a list of impressive ingredients on the menu description but few matter to the (quite average) taste.

            Otto is better.

        2. I love L'Impero. So fabulous, start to finish. They have beautiful outdoor seating, but then you miss the really nice room.