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Apr 24, 2007 04:31 AM

Dining alone in Manhattan - Great time, great meal!

Thanks for the many different threads on dining alone in Manhattan. I was here on business last night and after scouring many great chowhound recommendations, I settled on Babbo.

I was not disappointed! Thanks to 'hounds advice, I arrived before 7pm for a seat at the bar, had to wait about ten minutes for a seat, and found the host and bartenders very hospitable and helpful!

The bar was busy but extremely comfortable with many solo and couples dining. The food was simply outstanding, from the amuse bouche to the cheese plate dessert... and there was absolutely no rush. I enjoyed a leisurely and relaxed meal.

Conclusion - this is a GREAT spot to dine alone and enjoy superb food. I can't wait to go back and very much appreciate your recommendations!

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  1. That's great to hear Mussels! Gives me hope! I'm planning to head to Babbo in a few weeks and will have to give it a shot at the bar since I was unable to make reservations. I was a bit concerned about how comfortable it would be sitting for a meal at the bar but after hearing what those who've dined at the bar have said, I guess I shouldn't worry. Don't mind my asking, but what did you have for your meal? Did you pick one of the tasting menus or did you go a la carte? What was your favorite dish of the night?

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      Dear Santorinii,

      Do head over and let me know how your experience compares. For my meal, I began with the special starter, buffalo mozzarella with ramps (I'm a sucker for them and they were sauteed till just going on brown and delicious) served with two generous slices of grilled bread. The buffolo mozzarella was the best I've ever had, two tender pieces that just melted in your mouth and the light vinaigrette dressing that was drizzled on the plate had just the perfect trace of salt to bring the flavors together.

      For my main dish I settled on the squab which was served boneless (thankfully) over a whole grain rice suffused in roasted beet juice complete with a few token chunks of red beet. The squab was seasoned lightly and served roasted to a golden brown. The grain worked perfectly against it, bringing a satisfying chewy texture against the tender meat.

      For dessert, I went with the cheese plate... I can't remember which cheeses as most were new to me. These were served simply with some slices of french bread. Simple but tasty.

      A fellow solo diner seated next to me, apparently a veteran of Babbo, went for the duck entree which he says he gets every time (it did look good). I heard someone else raving about the ravioli.

      I hope you go and that you have a great time. Be sure to report back.

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