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Apr 24, 2007 04:06 AM

Not just any pizza I am talking About NOOWAAK style Pizza??

I am guy who moved to Toronto 7 years ago from Orlando where I picked up my love for NY style Pizza.. Since moving here, there are alot of commercial pizza chain which dominate the market But non are close to NY STYLE..or half decent. So on my recent mission I am trying to find all local pizzeria's who can come close to serving a decent slice...
so far unsuccess. Still on a search I came across Two listing which came as a surprise to me on one both downtown area one called Slice Of NY on KING and One NEW YORK PIZZA. I went to the first place IT WAS A SHUT DOWN :(.. then the second was converted into a WING MACHINE YUCK...

any recomendations ????


P.S I will be posting my results as I find places...

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  1. Haha, ignore places in Toronto, or pretty much anywhere for that matter, who have New York in their name. Just cuz they claim it, doesn't make it so. Toronto does have some good pizza, you just have to look hard sometimes.

    1. Bitondos probably your best bet.

      1. Good luck!

        I've been looking, unsuccessfully, for almost 40 years. Closest I've found (and it isn't THAT close) is the plain cheese pizza available at some Mamma's outlets.

        Massimo's Margherita is also somewhat in that style on a good day, but they have many bad days.

        There was a counter in the Sheraton Centre food court about 7 years ago that served plain cheese slices very close to the NY style. It wasn't part of a chain and I'd be surprised if they still exist.

        Please do report any findings. I do not concur about Bitondos. Don't expect to find anything with toppings in the NY style.

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          embee, I had a pepperoni slice the other day (first time) at a little spot on Yonge at Sherwood, Luigi's Classico, I think it's called. It was good--I even folded it and it held up well, with a little crunch. I'll have to try it again to confirm. I asked if they made a margherita slice, but no. Too bad.

        2. Try Gerard Pizza at Danforth and Greenwood. It's a small family run pizza and pasta restaurant. Fantastic thin crust. Great homemade sauces and a great selection of combination pizzas created by the son. Very reasonably priced. I live in Barrie now and really miss it.

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            I'd have to disagree. I used to like Gerrard Pizza, but it has become quite expensive recently for what you get (quality, quantity, and cooking skill). And they don't serve anything remotely close to a New York style pizza.