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Apr 24, 2007 03:59 AM

Reasonable priced dinner in Tribeca

Hello Chowhounders,

My fiance and I like to try a new restaurant every Friday night. We would like to keep the bill to $50 maximum. We like all sorts of food including American, Greek, Turkish, Italian, and French. Any ideas for good places in Tribeca?

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  1. I love landmarc but it is more bistro type fare... steak frites, burgers, mussels, pastas etc. They have the most reasonably priced wine list in nyc. Peopolino is great for Italian food. Nam for Vietnamese food.

    1. $50 for both of you? With drinks? If so, Petite Abeille is the only one I've been to that would fit your budget. If you're willing to spend a bit more or if $50 is just a food budget, you may be able to stay within budget at Upstairs or Blaue Gans.

      1. you can go to bubbys and stay under $50...or walkers...petite abeille may also work. they actually have good mussels.

        if you walk a bit south near chambers you can go to pakistani tea house which is more of a joint takeaway place but very good for pakistani food.

        1. Delphi on W Bwy corner of Reade St is pleasant Greek fare, sweet staff. I have to say that I think Pakistani Tea House is pretty awful.

          1. I also like Landmarc and many hounds have also suggested some great choices. Other ones that I can think of:
            - Max for simple pasta, very cheap.
            - Salaam Bombay for Indian food
            - Odeon for American / Bistro fare (though food is sometimes inconsistent)
            - Fresh for seafood (a bit tight in budget but doable)
            - P J Clark at WFC (slightly south of Tribeca)
            If without drinks Upstair at Bouleys is perfect.