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Apr 23, 2007 10:40 PM


Tonight, Katz's was closed when I arrived after midnight, so I decided to give Bereket another try after years of no longer going there. My verdict? The doner kebab sandwich is no longer way salty. It is still really fatty, but otherwise acceptable, and I like the white sauce. I still think that Taksim on 2nd Av. between 5th and 6th is way superior, but I can see why someone in my position - a bit tipsy and not able to go to Katz's (for a great sandwich on the same block) or Taksim (for Turkish food in the general vicinity) - would go to Bereket.

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  1. Next time you find yourself around there, pick up some babaganoush and some grape leaves to take home...and some baklava. It's funny, I very nearly always bypass Katz's even when it's open for a doner from Bereket, not to mention all the other stuff for the next day.

    For future reference, I recently discovered on a similar tipsy mission as yours, that the slices at the pizza place on Orchard and Stanton (northwest corner) are excellent.

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    1. re: ballulah

      the baba and the grape leaves are my favorite things at bereket as well -- i usually end up getting some sort of vegetarian platter because i've had bad experiences with kebabs there in the past, but will give the doner a shot one of these days.....

      1. re: david sprague

        Ooooh? What kind of bad experiences with kebabs? I like the adana kebab, but I'm too addicted to the doner to get much else. I once got the grilled meats platter there, and I must say it was a serious bummer.

        Don't forget the falafel. They're particularly good there. Lots of crispy, crumbly chickpea flavor, without that mushy-mealy nastiness you find in a lot of other spots. When I first started going to Bereket (ooooh, about 14 years ago) I was a vegetarian, and a falafel sandwich with feta and the yogurt sauce instead of tahini was my favorite thing in the world.

        1. re: ballulah

          not a huge number of experiences, but i recall a doner that was much too chewy for my liking and a dark meat chicken thing that just tasted kind of off. sounds like i need to try, try again...

          1. re: david sprague

            Like any street meat/street food place, Bereket has it's good days and it's bad days. It's usually good days, though.

        2. re: david sprague

          Their rolled grape leaves (dolma) are one of my favorite treats in the whole city. They are really rich, tightly rolled, and I think always freshly made. (Do they use currants in them? I used to think raisins but had some the other day and am thinking currants now...) I usually get the veggie platter which lets you choose 3-4 non kebab dishes for, I think, $9. I like the hummus and tabbouleh, the dolma, and usually get the falafal for something cooked- though I think it's the weakest dish of the platter.

          They always call this place a dive, but if you look at the kitchen area, it's very well cleaned.

          1. re: Silverjay

            It's currants for sure...and pine nuts. I think I mistook them for raisins once too, but they are too small to be raisins.

            Silverjay, you're not much of a fan of the falafel?! It's one of my faves in the city. (BTW have you tried to make bigos yet?)

            1. re: ballulah

              I hate the grape leaves with currants! It makes the grape leaves sweet, and I like em savory. But I love the lentil soup at Bereket.

              1. re: ballulah

                I think they do falafal as an afterthought. But don't get me wrong, I order it every time....My bigos story is coming soon. Stay tuned...

          2. re: ballulah

            that's rosario's, a local stalwart. it's definitely a cut above the other choices in the immediate area, and the owner is a sweetheart.

            1. re: wleatherette

              i had a really really really good fresh mushroom slice there...after frankie served me about 3 too many! my pet peeve with most pizza places is the canned mushroom thing. why oh why would you DO that? but the mushrooms there were fresh and yummy (and i think they *may* have been wild mushrooms, but then again, after a few too many my memory fails me), and the crust was super crispy and flavorful. i'm like a horse who knows its way home, though, it's rare that i don't stumble into bereket when i'm around there.

              1. re: ballulah

                like i said, rosario's is a cut above. i usually go for the vegan slice, since i really like the sauce - a marinara with so much garlic that your eyes will water. they also do a very tasty fresh tomato/basil/mozz pie. i think i'm due for a visit. it's been way too long (actually, i think the last time i was there was with harri!), and i'd also love some grape leaves from bereket.

                1. re: wleatherette

                  do you know if they still serve the vegan slice? i can't find any info about it on the various menu sites. is it just a plain slice with soy cheese?

                  1. re: emma

                    it's a slice with no cheese, just lots of garlicky marinara. i'm pretty sure they always have it. for a good slice with soy cheese, viva herbal on 2nd ave is your best bet.

              2. re: wleatherette

                Wow, glad to know Rosario's is still there! I'm really surprised with all the changes in the neighborhood...

                1. re: prunefeet

                  I remember when Rosario's was an upstart! Geez, I feel old.