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Pinkberry in the OC

After reading so much about it, I'm dying to try it. Does anyone know definitively when Pinkberry is opening in the OC? I've heard that there will be ones at the Spectrum and at Bella Terra. Any other locations people have heard?

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  1. Where's Bella Terra ?

    No new info here, the closest open Pinkberry is I believe in Long Beach

    The Spectrum would be awesome, I hope you're right !

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      I've heard there will be one at Bella Terra which is the newish shopping center at Beach Blvd and the 405 in Huntington Beach

    2. Maybe check out Beach Berries in Huntington Beach. I have yet to try, but read about it here:

      1. Pinkberry is definitely opening in HB- Bella Terra. I was walking through this week and there was a "coming soon" sign already posted. Don't know when though! Can't wait!

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          Pinkberry in 2nd Street just opened in Belmont Shore (Long Beach). Probably the closest one to the OC right now until the Bella Terra one opens.

        2. Good, another reason to avoid Spectrum, as though the horrendous parking situation and mobs and mobs of under-18s (until 10 PM) weren't enough.

          Does it have to Pinkberry brand, or are you looking for tart "Italian-style" frozen yoghurt? If the latter, I've had several good bowls at Yogurt D'Italia, Harbor and Katella (yes, right in the middle of Touristlandia) -- the plain tart with pineapples is a real winner.

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            There's also Bliss Yogurt at 2094 N Tustin Ave, Orange (2 blocks from Darya). Their flavors are a bit different than your normal run of the mill Pinkberry knockoff. My chocolaholic hubbie and son loved the chocolate flavor. I found the pumpkin pie to be better. Normal (original) flavor is not as good as Ce Fiore.

          2. I think the Pinkberry in Huntington Beach has been open for about a week. There is supposed to be another one opening at the Tustin District, but I don't know when.

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              That location, at the District has had a 'coming soon' sign up for months. No opening date as far as I'm aware, but it's obviously in the works.

            2. I hate to burst your bubble, but Pinkberry really isn't worth getting that excited about. It's got a bit of a tang that is a nice alternative to all those years of TCBY, but frankly, it tastes more like science than food. I predict you'll have it a couple times and then the excitement will wane. You'll tire of the lines, the prices, the giant hole inside the swirl, the discomforting artificiality of it all, etc.

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                I'm sure you're right. It's more about the buzz (and the thrill of the hunt :-)

              2. I heard from some people in-the-know that the Pinkberry at the District in Tustin won't be opening until early next year (Jan. or Feb.).

                1. The Fashion Island one should be open soon.

                  1. I ate at Pinkberry's in Passadena. I really don't know what the hype is. I had the vanilla with some fruit, and personally it tasted artificial. My son raves about the place and I went there on a recent visit to the West coast. There was no place to eat except for two or three tables and the place was dirty. Give me a good old fashioned ice-cream parlour anyday.

                    1. Stinkberry is easily the worst of all frozen yogurt places. But let's put your curiosity to rest by helping you create the Stinkberry experience at home:

                      Put some soured skim milk with aspartame in your freezer. (Don't use actual yogurt because, well, Stinkberry isn't yogurt.) While it freezes, throw some overpriced kitchen knickknacks around, make yourself stand around for forty minutes, act all huffy while you dish it out, and charge yourself ten bucks. Want toppings? Make yourself guess what you're serving without actually being able to see what's being offered. If possible, surround yourself with as many chattering teenagers as possible, evenly dividing them between yammering groups and individuals yakking into cell phones, and make sure to turn your thermostat up to 90° so your "chilly bliss" will melt as soon as possible.

                      Congratulations! You've just had The Stinkberry Experience! And you didn't need to wait for Stinkberry to send their Design With Reach-styled longboats into Orange County to pillage and burn. Now you're free to reserve your excitement until a frozen yogurt store that actually serves a good product like CéFiore, Red Mango, or sno:la comes your way.

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                      1. re: Woolsey

                        There is a CéFiore in Newport Beach on the peninsula. I like it much better than Pinkberry as well.

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                          CéFiore is wonderful. What's sad is, as soon as a Stinkberry opens anywhere near it, it will almost certainly get killed.

                          What's so sad is that people are attracted to the name and not the product. I was in Little Tokyo about a week ago, and CéFiore - which originated in Little Tokyo and serves a vastly superior product - was nearly empty, while Stinkberry had a much larger group of customers buying their horrendous product. It really is sad to watch such mass stupidity in practice.

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                            There will be a CéFiore opening in Fullerton on Commonwealth just east of Harbor. The signs are up but the store still looks to be under construction.

                        2. Pinkberry is now open at the Spectrum.

                          1. I checked their website, and apparently there's one open at the Spectrum in Irvine, as others have mentioned, and also one in Santa Ana. Here's the address:
                            2785 N. Main Street
                            Santa Ana CA 92706

                            Never been to Pinkberry, but I liked the yogurt at Cherry on Top in Orange, which I think is similar. I'm a Golden Spoon fan myself though.

                            1. I tried the CeFiore in downtown Fullerton. They are generous with the samples. My only beef is that you do have to be quick with your math -- a small "raspberry-pomegranate" yoghurt with one topping costs exactly the same -- $4.70 -- as the same yoghurt with three toppings as a "combo".

                              Their fruit was actually edible, not like Pinkberry. I was much happier with CeFiore.

                              1. I have to say, I liked Red mango in Irvine more than Pinkberry. It's on Harvard & Main. They apparently were in the game before pinkberry.

                                1. I heard that Pinkberry just got bought out by Starbucks. Is this true?