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Apr 23, 2007 09:12 PM

sapa, tao, buddakan or ?....28th BD celebration

Can someone please help me with this little dilemma. Four of us will dine out for my daughter's 28th and and we would prefer a trendy, beautiful room that has beautifully prepared Asian Cuisine (it could also be NYC Asian). I'd would like to have some idea of the price for 4 with or w/o drinks. By the way if anyones interested "The Slanted Door in SF" has my kind of "city Asian"...It been great on repeated visits. Opinions all all would be great. Thanks

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  1. Been to Sapa and Buddakan, but not Tao. Went to Sapa and had a good meal of lobster. I liked the space and recognized it as a great place to meet some friends for some drinks and munchies. It was deserted on a Sunday, went back just for a drink on a Friday and it was packed. The space was fun. I didn't pay but the dinner was not terribly expensive... I'd guess maybe $50 w/ drinks per person.

    Buddakan probably hits the nail on the head for trendy much more than Sapa, I went for a business dinner and we stuck strickly with the dim sum and small plates for the entire meal, the edamame dumplings were probably the only memorable dish. The space was impressive, packed on a Thursday. I personally would never return on my own but it would definitely fit your requirements. I didn't see the bill but we ordered basically every small dish and some twice over with multiple bottles of wine/sake. I'd guess maybe $125+ w/ drinks per person, but depending on your appetite and amount you drink could vary greatly.

    1. Tao's atmosphere is beautiful, but the food is subpar. Buddakan is the perfect place to celebrate a birthday!

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        Completely concur with LFeinberg. Food at Tao is unimpressive and overpriced, so I would avoid.

        In terms for food and decor, Buddakan is a notch better than Sapa, but the price is also a notch higher. With drinks it will cost about $100 / person at Buddakan. Agree with mikka that their dim sum and appetizers are much better than the rice and noodles, and seafood entrees tend to be a bit small in portion. Sapa is slightly cheaper, but I couldn't recall any dish that I felt extraordinary, which in itself is a problem. Personally I will choose Buddakan as I think it is worth the extra bucks.

        Hope you have a wonderful birthday dinner, and happy birthday to your daughter!

      2. I think Buddakan is the best of the three to celebrate a birthday! The food and atmosphere are both great!

        1. You might also want to throw Spice Market in the mix to be considered. It's pricey, but gorgeous and the food is excellent. (Sorry, I can't be more specific on price-per-person, I've been lucky enough to go there on someone else's expense account!)

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            buddakan would be my #1 pick- just went for my b-day w/a large group, and was as amazing as when i was there with just 3 people. spice market is great too, and fabulous to look at, but haven't eaten there lately. i'd say try 66 too, but they are closed for rennovations right now... i agree- not tao.