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Apr 23, 2007 09:09 PM

Vienna for Solo in May

Will be spending a few days in Vienna mid May; due to work, my wife is unable to accompany so interested in places where a single (middle aged) male diner would be comfortable. Enjoy every type of cuisine but would of course like to try local and regional; non-drinker so wine list not important. Staying in the "museum district" (1010 post code).

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  1. Well, this might amuse you, but the wine bars are the best address for single diners. There you can sit at the bar and get wonderful food:

    Wein & Co
    Meinl Weinbar (in the basement, not the restaurant in the first floor)
    Fino (two loactions)
    and my local favorite, the Cantina e lĀ“arte

    For exact locations and phone numbers look here:

    All have non-alcoholic drinks and good coffee.

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      I also suggest Immer Voll. You can sit at the bar and get great food. It's full of locals.

    2. A few years back I stayed on my own for a week in Vienna. As a young woman, I felt particularly comfortable in the higher end hotel restaurants (Anna Sacher, Korso), at Steirereck (a top high end spot), museum dining (MAK) and more casual restaurants. I was always greeted with such warm hospitality. Staff usually wanted to keep me company to be sure I was comfortable. And, particularly easy are the cafes--light bites, cafe and a good book to read.

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        I am thinking of doing the same thing...So you, overall, found it to be a wonderful experience solo?