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Apr 23, 2007 09:06 PM

Recent La Broche Reviews?

Hi all,
Going to Spain and want to do one "El Bulli-Like" meal (since we couldn't get a table this year at El Bulli. How is La Broche? Their website is down. How is the food? How early should we reserve? About how much should we expect to spend?
Thanks so much.


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  1. I ate at La Broche a year and half ago and thought the food was excellent. There were two tasting menus. I took the shorter one which was 90E, service included but not the 7% tax. The longer tasting menu, which was the same except for two extra tapas and one extra dessert, was 105E. Ala carte: about 20E for first plate, 30E for main plate and 11E for dessert. It was late October and wild mushroom season which was incorporated in most of the courses. The tasting menu had far fewer courses than El Bulli and each course was a complete dish rather than the "taste" progression that is El Bulli's signature. I find the food very tasty and satisfying, definitely worth the cost. The service was good, not formal and very helpful to someone that do not speak much Spanish. Good and fairly priced wine list. The decor is very simple, all white which is not to everyone's liking. I reserved through their website but I am sure a telephone call would work.

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      Hey Jeremy,
      "La Broche" is a great place to eat;they're moving to a beautiful new location around september 2007 but until then,they will be serving their fantastic menus at Calle Miguel Ángel.

      Other places you may want to consider are "El Chaflán" ( and "Sant Celoni" (


      PS-I still have to send you an e-mail with the Ribera del Duero places;I've been quite busy lately

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        Wow thanks for the other recs. If you had to do one of these, which would it be? Also, do you know about what the other 2 cost? Thanks so much.

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          I've eaten at Sant Celoni and Chef Santimaria's flagship restaurant, Can Fabe, outside of Barcelona. Both of his restaurants are similar and I like both meals better than La Broche. The food is more traditional, sort of opposite of El Bulli. The tasting menu last October was 130E. A la carte will be about 1/3 more than La Broche. If you are looking for more of an El Bulli experience, I would go with La Broche. You might also consider La Terraza del Casino which Ferran Adria consults and is headed by one of his ex-chef. I have not eaten there and the reports have been mixed. I think the cost would be on par with La Broche.

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            Hi mate,

            I just came back from Madrid again after a few days and I went to La Broche. Let me tell you that is was excellent, you have a choice of different meuns we got the middle priced at €85 and wow it was a menu that comprised of the most popular dishes off the ala carte menu. Excellent - I was expecting something much more outthere but it was not at all, everydish was very interesting and flavours you wouldnt taste in other places but it worked really well and we both enjoyed it. Service was great and wine list awesome. Worth the 2 stars in my opinion. Enjoy!

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              Thanks so much for your feedback all. It sounds like this is a great choice. I didn't realize they had the different tiers of tasting menus either. That's really cool. I'll report back!

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                When are you coming to Spain?