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Apr 23, 2007 08:53 PM

TGI Friday's Green Bean "Fries"

Haven't been to Friday's in years. Tried the green bean "fries" appetizer which the menu called "addictive." They were right. Really yummy. The green beans were plump, lightly battered and fried crisp with a cucumber-wasabi dipping sauce. I couldn't stop eating them.
Nice to find something unique and tasty there.

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  1. I had the Fried Green Beans a few months ago after they came onto the menu and found them delicious! One order is very large but I did my best to eat them all--better to share. The sauce is great too

    1. discovered those in orlando when i took a walk off the disney property looking for some reasonably priced food and drink. spent a happy happy hour downing margaritas and chomping on those green beans. not enough to get me into a tgif under normal circumstances, but when stuck in the over-priced wasteland of disney eats, it was quite a nice break (and i only spent $20 or so as opposed to the $60 something similar on the property would have cost).

      1. "The Bride" tried this app a few weeks ago. After eating a few, declared the breading "too much" and proceeded to work her way through the pile of green beans, sliding the tube of fried breading off of each green bean and eating just the bean. At the end there was just a tall pile of these breading tubes, looking so much like caterpillar larvae casings or something like that.

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          Great catfish bait, but then what isn't?

          I thought the beans were yummy, but only if fried up really hot and crisp. Sauce is way good.

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            You could probably do the same thing at home with tempura batter, which would be a whole lot lighter. I had tempura ice cream at a Japanese restaurant once. NEVER going back to the old Mexican fried ice cream. Never.

          2. The fried mac n' cheese is delicious and disgusting at the same time.

            1. i really like the green beans too...this probably would be a great way to get kids to eat their veggies. i saw a copycat recipe. might just have to try to make it.