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Traveling with toddler - hate kids menu- recs?

My husband and I are in New York this weekend for Pinot Days. We are traveling with our 4 year old. I am looking for good, casual places to eat with her in tow. I am not looking for the type of place that has a kids menu. Breakfast and dinner. We are staying in Murray Hill (but does not need to be in this area) Thanks!

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  1. What type of cuisines are you interested in? Budget?

    1. For breakfast -- cheap. For dinner, mid-range. We want to go someplace we can have cocktails, etc in a casual but fun atmosphere. We are open with cuisine!

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        There are some great Indian places just south of you around 29th and Lexington all of which are very family friendly. Pongol, Dosai Hut and Chennai Garden are all good bets. (Pongol's a little more crowded, though, probably.) A plain dosai or vada would be great for a five year old.

      2. (please note: for all of the listings below, you can get further information on www.menupages.com
        )For brunch, check out: Friend of a Farmer (Gramercy)
        For breakfast, check out: Good (West Village)
        For fun: Get a cupcake at either Buttercup Bakeshop or The Magnolia Bakery

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          Balthazar is good for kids, because it's loud and bustling. Or how about some dim sum in Chinatown for Brunch? Blue Smoke or other barbq places. Landmarc. You could even do Whole Foods for breakfast. It's fun to look out the window and see Union Square below.

        2. Chinatown fulfils all criteria. Theres also Lupa, Otto, Blue smoke, Gramercy Tavern, Landmarc, clinton st. bakery.

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            We took our son to Gramercy Tavern for dinner when he was 5 (the restaurant part, not the tavern.) I think that's the youngest I would try. He was very well behaved but other diners gave us bad looks when we first walked in. It's prix fixe, but they were accomadating about making something for him with a smaller amount of food. I think a dinner there would be too long for most toddlers. The tavern part in the front might be good, though.

          2. I've never been to the one in Manhattan, but Blue Ribbon Brooklyn is a great place for kids. Its crowded and loud enough for people to not worry about kids, and the menu is varied enough that there is something for everyone.

            If the one in Manhattan is of a similar atmosphere, then it'd work perfect.

            1. I'm slowly working on becoming infamous for incessantly mentioning pizzerias, but what could be more perfect than a real NY brick oven pizza? Family style restaurants, lots of kids already there, not expensive, and with pizza good enough to please an adult palate and familiar enough to please a 4 year old one. Try Lombardi's in SoHo on Mulberry and Spring Streets. Claims to be the oldest pizzeria in NY and what they lack in variety of pizza toppings, they make up for in quality. Last time I was there Cynthia Nixon was there with 3 children.

              1. Penelope, in Murray Hill, on the corner of Lex & 30th St., is a great casual place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. Very good food. Eclectic menu. Good service. Charming atmospherics. Children very welcome.


                1. Max has some decent pasta and a kid's menu