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Apr 23, 2007 06:28 PM

Private Rooms (SEA)

I've got a friend's birthday coming up and he wants to get a private room somewhere for about 15-20 people. He's not a picky food person and most of the crowd will be younger and not looking to spend a ton so no need for a Canlis, etc. style place, just a fun room somewhere. Any suggestions?

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  1. I was at Perche No on Stone Way the other week and the owner, Lily, mentioned her private room. She tells me that with enough notice, she and her chef husband can put together any variety of the things they have ever offered at Perche No (i had asked about an osso bucco they once had on their menu back at their Queen Anne location).

    As the name suggests, the place is italian.
    It's a nice little place with solid food, a moderately priced wine list and the owners are great people.

    1. Via Tribunali has a private room. Palace or the Capitol Club...if you're not looking for really great food. a tatami room in the I.D. could be fun; we did Bush Gardens for a birthday(sushi is pretty good, not terribly expensive) and then karaoke in the bar afterwards.

      1. Here's a few options I know of, with decent (or better), moderately-priced food:

        Duke's Chowderhouse on Alki

        Hale's Brewery & Pub

        Mulleady's Irish Pub & Restaurant
        (their website doesn't mention it, but I've seen them put groups in the upstairs room)

        1. I just thought of one more: China Gate in the I.D. I know one group that has been meeting there monthly for years for some very tasty Sunday morning dim sum.

          1. steelhead diner (1st/pine) has a private room large enough for 20 and room for hired musicians should that be the way they want to go