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Apr 23, 2007 06:23 PM

Happi Songs on LaBrea?

Hi! Does anyone know what Happi Songs on LaBrea is all about? It is being constructed in the space that Rita Flora previously had their cafe. Very curious...

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    1. I wish I could post a photo of the little rice bowl that costed $5, but who knew anyone would actually charge for rice to accompany an entree? The food was really mediocre, especially considering the great Asian food within short driving distance. The service was typically LA actor slow and unenthusiastic. I wouldn't go there for another meal, maybe just drinks and appetizers.

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        Fungo, I wish I had seen your post before I made it to Happi Songs! You were right about everything. I had some good sake, but the meal was ridiculously overpriced and very mediocre. I will not be going there again. Sad Songs.

      2. Was there a couple weeks ago. Interesting concept but a lot of kinks to work out. Some dishes were good, some were mediocre, some pretty pathetic. On a bright note, a bowl of rice was delivered to our table without charge. Service wasn't that bad but it's a very casual place so I tend to overlook a lot. Steven Arroyo (of Cobras y Matadors fame) is the apparent owner but this place doesn't have his quality signature on it and that makes me wonder if he was even involved in the menu process. I'd give it a few more months to come around. Just don't expect much right now.

        1. i went here about 4 months ago maybe? it was not good. the drinks tasted really bad and the food was mediocre. the only thing that stood out as great was the mango mochi. for what we spent on dinner there we could have had an awesome sushi dinner instead. oh well.