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Best pizza in Tallahassee

Best is toss up (forgive the pun, just imagine a pizza being tossed in the air) between Three Guys from New York and Decent Pizza.

Second place is Red Elephant followed by Momo's. Any comments??

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  1. Had Decent Pizza when I was in Tallahasse for six weeks for training. I REALLY liked it and I'm HARD to convince when it comes to pizza (Brooklyn girl). The slices were bigger than my head! Another plus to the place was the vegan pizza which our vegan friends in the area raved about.

    1. My vote is for Red Elephant and Barnaby's (very similar). I am not a fan of decent or momos because the pizza is made without the toppings and reheated with the toppings, I find that it makes the crust soggy on the bottom and flavors don't meld. I do like calzones at both of the places.

      As for 3 guys, I have never gotten good service and steer clear of.

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        Have you guys tried Paulina's Pizzeria? Got a good review in the Democrat but I can't find the article anymore. Here's their listing from Google, I only get up to Tally once a year so I haven't had a chance to check it out.

        Paulina's Pizzeria Inc

        6615 Mahan Dr
        Tallahassee, FL 32308
        (850) 878-5710

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          I've been to Paulina's a few times as they are close to my house; the pizza is AWESOME and they have some great imported beers. The special has a sauce with a little kick that is really good.

          I'd recommend them if you are in the area!

      2. Steakman, you and I have similar taste. I will order a pizza from Z. Bardhi's (same pizza as village) and it's usually pretty good and ITZA isn't bad either. I tried Brickyard and was disappointed. Would like to try Paulina's but it's only open at night and is out of the way. Had Houston's in Southwood and thought that it was only ok. There is a new Bianca that just opened on Market Street where Buffalo's use to be. I plan on trying it out. Not a Momo's fan though - the sauce is too sweet for me. Barnaby's is a love it or hate it place. I fall in the latter category.

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          Not a real Momo's fan either; it was just fresh in my memory as we had been to a patio pizza party there recently for some friends whose daughters were turning 16.
          As for Decent making pizza without toppings, that is just not true. I have sat at the counter (I am always a fan of watching the work in kitchen) more than once and the pizza is made completely to order, with toppings put on like anywhere else.

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            Are telling me that the cook each individual slice in traingle shape seperate to order? I find that very hard to believe. Most places that do pizza be the slice at least cook the crust cut into individual slices. I will have to watch next time I go in i will watch more carefully.

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              I meant a whole pizza. Sorry if I mis-read your post. They probably do the slices just like you said. I have never ordered just a slice!!

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            By the way, I totally forgot Village Pizza. You are correct as usual and theirs is great; better than Momo. Sorry VP!!

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              Based on this report I tried Village Pizza today and ordered a large primavera (vegetarian) pizza and a Greek salad for two for take out. We were not trilled. The pizza was dry and without much flavor. The Greek salad for two was around $8.00 and was quite small consisting of mostly iceburg lettuce (including the bottom core and brown leafs) and a wee tad of romaine along with a few bits of red onion, a slice or two of cucumbers, flakes of feta and one pepper. The salad dressing was great. The pizza was not great. I would not visit here again.

              Mellow Mushroom has opened in Tallahassee. I have lived in North Carolina (where I have a local Mellow Mushroom) for ten years and love the place. I have not been to Mellow Mushroom in Tallahassee, but have to suggest it is worth trying out....one of my favorites for pizza and salads!!!!

              Mellow Mushroom is across town from me and I normally do not get take-out pizza. Village is close. I will try Mellow Mushroom next as I think it worth the drive.

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                I have been to Mellow Mushroom twice in town and was not very impressed. I had been to the one in Auburn and Destin and really liked it but the one in Tally was not great. Has anyone been to itza pizza, I have never tried it but hear preston scott talk about it on the radio all the time.

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                  I've had itza many times and it's good. My friend from NYC says it's the closest thing to NY style pizza but I'm sure that other's would not agree. I don't crave itza pizza but it's worth trying at least.

                  Has anyone had Bianca?

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                    I went to Bianca last night (Sunday). There were only a few diners there as it was nearly 8 PM. We asked to sit on the patio and were taken out and seated at the one dirty table (when we were surrounded by clean, empty ones) that had to be bused and wiped down. On top of that a toddler, or a drunk, had previously dined at the table and there was food - pizza crusts, tomatoes, parts of meatballs, and cereal- under the chairs and under the table. Why (the parents) had not bothered to clean the mess up is beyond me. Our waitress was obviously visually impaired. Only one other party was seated outside and the waitress took f-o-r-e-v-e-r to deliver our drinks and take our order. The food was fine, nothing to rave about. The pizza was a thin crust and tasted, well, like pizza. Considering that there are a lot of pizza joints in town I probably won't be returning to this place for the lack of thoughtfulness demonstrated by the server.

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                      Was this at the new location or the old location. We eat at the old location every so often. The wait staff is really hit or miss. There is one waiter that if we even see them there we will turn around and leave. Chicken picata is really gross there. Pizza is okay. Subs and salads are pretty good.

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                        The new location in Market Square. My son noticed that they use the same tables as in one episode of Top Chef. Tom had bashed those tables too!

          3. Although decent pizza, my favorite, does make the pizza slices without the toppings as noted above, the pies are made with the toppings. If you don't want an entire pie you can order the vegan pizza and add cheese. Its about the size of a personal pan pizza, and made fresh. I love the toppings at decent, many of which you can't get else where.

            It's quite a ways to go, but we also enjoy mom & dad's pizza, but haven't had it in a while.

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              I think Mellow Mushroom is the best pizza in Tally by far. I love the atmosphere and all the draft beer selections. The pizza is the best I have ever had. I also liked the little greek salad - I don't like Momo's- very greasy and soggy. Decent was just that, it was decent, nothing special- I like Mom & Dad's pizza as well, probably my second favorite place- Z Bardhi's is good too-

            2. I would have to say Momo's has the best pizza, they are consistent and delicious.
              Least favorite and most disapointing is Decent pizza, incosistent. I had a great experience the 1st time and it just went down te other 3 times I went there. I gave it a shot and will not ever go back. That is all I can say about them.
              3 Guys from NY is good too, just not quite like any new york style pizza I've ever had.

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                Momo's salads leave a lot to be desired. I was surprised how small they are for being a "regular" size salad. I got the chicken ceasar and was very disapointed.

                1. re: carinole

                  Went to 3 Guys late one night last week....very good, but seemed that toppings were slighter than usual Also the opinion of my 21 year old son, for whom we went. By the way...trying to put together a Tallahassee Chowhound dinner somewhere....but only a couple of responses. Contact me: steakman55@earthlink.net

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                    I'd vote for Decent or Village Pizza over on the ast side of town. Momo's a close second to those two.

                    Red Elephant is no different or better than Barnaby's, IMO. I fail to see the attraction other than the cute decor, okay wine list, and boiled peanuts.

              2. I really like Leaning Tower's pizza, but I'm eager to try the Mellow Mushroom.

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                  I second Leaning Tower's pizza. Plus, their garlic knots are the absolute bomb, and you can bring your own beer!

                2. My wife likes Broadway in the Tallahassee Mall. Their calzone's are huge. Try Romero's on CC NE strip mall across from Home Depot. Beats Momos, Bianca' village Pizza in the same next of the woods. Sure wwish they had a Ray's down here.

                  1. 1. Decent Pizza
                    2. Village Pizza
                    3. Itza
                    All are outstanding and not the usual cardboard served by the chains. For a change try the baked ziti at Itza, outstanding!

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                      You guys are missing the boat if you don't try Three Guys From New York pizza on W. Tennessee St. It is great. Right up there with Decent

                      1. re: steakman55

                        I eat at Three Guys at least once a week... love their pizza and their antipasto salad.

                        The other day, friends drug me to MoMos. I don't like their pizza. But, I had the "Portabella Cap"... AWESOME! It's a big mushroom filled with garlic, basil and breadcrumbs (and I think come capicola) topped with fresh tomato and melted fresh moz... on top of a bed of baby spinach dressed with a decent vinaigrette. I want another one of those SOON!

                    2. MoMo's gets my pick but I love to get an eggplant topped pizza from Broadway. They pan fry the eggplant and it is just delicious. I also must say that Decent and Three Guys From NY are great ones. We moved here from Jacksonville a little more than five years ago and can't believe how much better the pizza is here compared to there. There was nothing good in Jax but plenty to choose from here.

                      1. Red Elephant????? They're just a poor copy of Barnaby's (which happens to be my personal favorite) followed by Momo's and Decent (no difference in my book). Pauline's is good but not my favorite and Village, Bianco (NE) and Itza are all servicable without being anything special. Just my 2p. :-)

                        1. Newby to chowhound. My favorite Pizza in Tallahassee is Brooklyn Pizza. It's the closest to NY Pizza I have found.

                          1. Riccardos Italian resteraunt on South Capital Circle. Small little Italian place in a strip plaza across from Home Depot. Family owned and operated. Just like the "old country". Nice decor theme with alot of I Love Lucy memorabialia.

                            1. Has anyone tried that new place on Apalachee in the K-Mart shopping center, Pizza Quick? It isn't like a sit down pizza place, more like a pick up. However, their pizza is great. It reminds me of northern style pizza. There prices are very reasonable for great pizza. I think like $5 or $6 bucks for a large. The staff is also super friendly!

                              1. I have tried them all and it's hit or miss at most of them. I now make my own pizza at home with better results. It's impossible to get that NY flavor without NY water ( if you have lived in NY you know what I mean) to make the dough, but it's at least consistent.

                                1. Unfortunately, every pizza place in Tally is hit or miss. It's so inconsistent that I bought a wood burning oven, and haven't been out for pizza since.

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                                    very interested in hearing about your wood fired oven. how are your pizzas? how hot have you gotten the oven? did you buy from forno bravo or another vendor? are you using caputo 00? i dream of neopolitan pizza and wood burning ovens...tell me more!

                                    1. re: mizrachi

                                      Sorry! I never got a notification that I needed to reply.

                                      My oven is a Forno Bravo. It easily gets to 900 degrees. It's probably hotter, but my thermometer tops out at 900. I use Caputo, another 00 called Quatro Staggioni, and King Arthur UP. It's not about the flour, it's about the technique. The pizzas are...great!

                                    2. re: stantrb

                                      I've never experienced NYC, but the pizza I've had at both Momo's and Decent Pizza is better than I've had at any pizza joint in the San Francisco bay Area or Raleigh/Durham, NC. So it could be far worse...

                                      Decent Pizza
                                      1026 N Monroe St, Tallahassee, FL 32303

                                    3. is there anywhere to get a solid chicago style pie in Tally?

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                                        I think Milanos on N Monroe has a deep dish Sicilian pizza, but I'm not aware of spefici Chicago pizzerias

                                      2. Marcos off Bannerman is our current favorite. The flat bread pizza at Tapas is outstanding!

                                        1. Momo's and Decent Pizza are actually owned by the same guy so there should be some similarities I would imagine. I haven't been to Decent Pizza but really like Momo's as my personal favorite.

                                          Decent Pizza
                                          1026 N Monroe St, Tallahassee, FL 32303

                                          1. Okay, it's not in Tally, it's in Thomasville... but, worth a road trip!
                                            Moon Spin Pizza
                                            Not your average pizza pie
                                            Not cheap
                                            Everything made inhouse
                                            Local ingredients (many/most organic)
                                            Worth it
                                            We had the Harvest Moon (artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms) and a salad with their house made fresh basil Green Goddess dressing. Soooo good!
                                            How have I missed this place until now?

                                            1. I grew up in Tallahassee. Always been a Barnaby's guy. Fired Up Pizza Truck is kinda new. A wood fired oven making tavern / cracker crust pizza. It's not cut into squares but It's really good.. http://www.facebook.com/fireduppizzat...
                                              I think they're # 2 for me.. Barnaby's #1 , Red Elephant #3