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Apr 23, 2007 06:17 PM

Fave food spots near Fillmore Center (Geary/Fillmore)

I need some new food spots to eat, delivery and take out in my hood (geary/fillmore) that are somewhat close to just walk there. I've already tried and/or getting really tired of:

Arang korean
The other korean place next to the Fillmore venue
Mazzerla di Buffalo
Extreme Pizza
King Lees
Tsing Tao
Cheesesteak shop
Cocina Poblana
...i think thats about it

Any other places? Looking for any other places that is real close/walking distance (whenever I dont feel like waiting for a bus. Maybe italian, mexican, thai, diner, burger, sausages, chinese, etc., etc.

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  1. I tried Powell's Place last week. The chicken was fair, but maybe something else is good there. Here's the report and photo,

    Noticed a new Korean place going in on the corner of Geary.