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Apr 23, 2007 06:02 PM

Been out of town for 2 years, need an update

This is probably not the routine "coming to Montreal, need recs....." posting. We have been visiting this fine city for the past &#@*^ years. and are always hounding for hidden treasure. Unforseen circumstances have kept us away far too long and I need some current info.
We plan to be in town twice, early May and again at the end of the Jazzfest / start of the LaughFest in July. Our taste is simple, we love good food! All of it. My inquiry is focused on the most recent openings and closings, and the definite "do not" places ( noted tastefully, of course)
We have been frequent visitors of Toque, L'Express, Nicolas', Bonaparte, APdC, Laloux, Milos and La Banquise, Schwartz's, Claude Postel's and everything in between. We'll probaly re-visit some of these, but are hoping for new suggestions.
Quick info.
> cost is not an issue
> no dietary restrictions
> love everything from poutine to foie gras (and together....)
> good wine selection
> will be dining with a party of 4-6 each evening

Looking forward to your help.
Thanks for your help in advance.

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  1. Have you eaten at Bronte (Sherbrooke St. W. near St. Matthieu), Brunoise (ST. Andre) or Brunoise has just opened a Brasserie near the Bell Center that is getting great reviews, Garcon (Sherbrooke W near Metcalfe), Decca 777 (also near Bell Center, on Drummond), Joe Beef ?

    1. There's Le Club Chasse et Peche, Aszu, Olive et Gourmando, La Montée De Lait, Au Cinquième Péché, Restaurant l'Atelier, Jun-i, Raza. Many, many good choices.

      Caprices de Nicolas is now Ariel, no longer fine dining, but a bistro.

      1. Well you've already listed some great placesMy cholesterol level is rising as I read...

        Interested in Bring your own wine? A L'Os, Bistro L'Entrepont, Le P'tit Plateau, La Coulombe, all are great higher end French Bistro BYOB with menus meant to complement wine. They have no alcohol in house, so you have to bring a bottle (or five)

        Have you been to La Chronique? Still good.

        Pinxto is a really good tapas bar. the beef cheeks are great.

        Divine cupcakes: Cocoa Locale.

        Cheap Asian eats (great for a fast lunch): MM Legend (bakery in Chinatown). good pork buns, but the best dish by far? Eggplant Yu Hsing (eggplant, pork, pickled vegetables on rice for $5.

        If you have a car and really want a great dosa: Bombay Choupati on the West Island Boulevard des Sources. Their butter chicken is great too. And I love the Fruit chat appetizer.

        More Asian: Best Pho ever: Pho Lien on the corner of Cotes des Neiges and Cote St. Catherine. Best inexpensive Thai: Cuisine bankok in the Fauberg.

        Have a fun trip!

        1. Les Trois Petits Bouchon - intimate bistro/wine bar, staff is great with recommends on wine.

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          1. re: fullabeans

            Thanks for the inspirations! Wow, I had forgotten some very important aspects. Leave it to chowhounds to re-open my eyes.
            >rooibus:Thanks for the recs and the addresses, that's a big help, and especially for reminding me of Garcon, who I had lost track of ( I am ashamed to admit that I had lost the Jongleaux connection)
            >rcianci:Thank you for your recs. You are to be commended for your continuous contributions chowhound. You provide us "out of towners" with invaluable info that is current and honest. Kudos. Also, thanks for the update on Nicolas' (does anyone see a pattern here?)
            >moh:OK, I have been away too long! Here in NY, BYOB is not an option, so I have forgotten>Yes, one of the true pleasures of your fair town. And I will never skip the pork buns at the bakery. Ah, Chinatown.....
            >fullabeans:Sounds like just what my wife and I will be looking for on our solo visit next week. Thanks so much.
            Again thanks to all. My wife and I will be in town next weekend. We will arrive well informed with current info and recs that I am sure will serve us well.
   much food,so little....................