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Apr 23, 2007 05:55 PM

DC Recommendation

Going to DC this weekend (from Philly) and will be taking my daughter, a freshman at GW, and her roommate out to dinner, their last "real meal" before finals. My daughter eats anything, roommate's a vegetarian who eats fish/seafood. Recommendations? Prefer anything ethnic (except Ethiopian, which they've had recently).


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  1. If the restaurant must be ethnic, that leaves out Kinkead's. Great location for GW students and lovely fish preparations.

    For ethnic...

    I'm fond of Ceiba (14th Street NW) or Cafe Atlantico (8th Street NW) for Pan-Latino cuisine. Wonderful food and nice vibe.

    Cafe Atlantico:

    1. The one ethnic place that comes to my mind that is also near GW is the Bombay Club, an upscale Indian restaurant. They have seafood on the menu. I think it's very good food but the higher prices probably reflect the elegant atmosphere, not necessarily the food, which is no better than some more modest Indian restaurants.

      It's on Conn Ave just north of Lafayette Square.

      1. More Indian suggestions would include Rasika and Indique. They are less traditional, more fusion and have a "hip" factor which they may enjoy.

        1. A hearty second for Cafe Atlantico. Awesome stuff...