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Apr 23, 2007 05:47 PM

Help, o help! Need lunch in Superior / Poplar / Ashland / Ironwood (WI)

On our epic trek (don't ask...) from the Twin Cities to Marquette, Michigan, we need a nice place in northern Wisconsin to stop for lunch.

My mother has announced that "Duluth is too soon," or we'd eat at Sara's Table/Chester Creek Cafe/Taran's Marketplace, despite its confused identity.

Is there a good lunch place on the Superior-Poplar-Ashland-Ironwood-Wakefield stretch of highway 2?

Specifically, I have high hopes for Ashland - this nice town has just GOT to have a good place to eat!


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    It is a brewpub place, not sure if that is anything you are interested in. I have driven that route many many times and it is mostly mom and pop diners.

    1. I've made the drive several times visiting the Porkies but we usually are looking for breakfast to a greasy spoon is typically in order. For lunch or something a little more fancy you might try the Chequamegon Hotel in Ashland. I've never been but it seems a likely place to start.

      1. Your best bet for food between Superior and Ashland on 2 is probably Iron River. I don't have a particular recommendation since I haven't spent a lot of time in the area in the past 5-10 years. There is a bakery right on 2 in Iron River that used to have great old-line bakery items - apple fritters, etc. - but I don't know if it's still there or if the quality is any good.

        There are also a few lodges/cabin places right before and after Iron River. I seem to remember that the Deep Lake Lodge and The Spot had decent (if not stellar) food in the Northern Wisconsin style. Looking at their web sites, though, it appears that neither is open for lunch.

        1. Has anyone eaten at the Twin Gables Cafe in Brule (WI)? I saw a mention of this place on a Duluth web site from 2004.


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            I used to live in Bessemer (between Ironwood and Wakefield) and let me tell you: there's not one bite of decent food within 60-100 miles. The only thing I even remotely liked was a pasty shop on the Ironwood/Hurley border, but that went out of business.

          2. The Black Cat Cafe is a small coffeehouse/lunch place that's eco-friendly and serves good coffee - a college-town kind of place. It's just off the main street in Ashland.

            If you need a Marquette recommendation give a holler!

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              Thanks for the info on the Black Cat Cafe in Ashland! I think this is the place for us, as everyone on the trip has a black cat. And we all like the idea of being eco-friendly.

              I'd love some Marquette recommentations!

              My mom goes there often, and I've been there once before, so I already know that we'll be going to Jilbert's and the Sweet Water Cafe and maybe even the Thai House. But I could always use info on other places. (Tho we have to stick to non-smoking places because of my allergies.)

              In fact, I started another thread asking for a good cudighi place.



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                Isn't there also a creamery in Marquette? I seem to recall my mother being addicted to Mackinaw Island Fudge ice cream from a place in Marquette.

                1. re: dotMac

                  Yup - it's Jilbert's Dairy. Your mother has good taste - Mackinaw Island Fudge is my favorite flavor, too!


                  Oh, I'm drooling on my keyboard now...