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Apr 23, 2007 05:28 PM

Brie in Bread Bowl

I have this great simple receipe for a brie, dried cranberries, almonds baked in a sourdough bread. The first time I made it is worked amazing, the brie melted into bread, amazing. The next two times I made it, I used a combo of low fat and full fat brie and the cheese did not melt as well. Do you think this lack of molten goodness can be attributed to the lower fat cheese?

Please advise.

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  1. Definitely. I have found that low fat cheeses in general do not melt as well as regular.

    1. When cheese (real cheese, not "cheese type product") melts, the thing that is melting is the fat. The proteins don't really melt, so when you use low fat cheese, you get less gooey goodness because there's less fat.

      1. would you post the recipe? its sounds yummy.

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          sorry for the delay.

          Pre-heat oven to 375.

          One sourdough bread round, cut the top off (maybe a third from the top) and scoop out the bread from the top and the round. Do what you wish with the scoopedout bread (croutons, breadcrumbs, garbage)

          Butter the inside on the bread.

          chop up a healthy handful of dried cranberries (or any dried fruit you like, I only like dried cranberries) and sprinkle the bottom of the bread cavity with the cranberries.

          On top of the cranberries sprinkle some toasted unsalted almond silvers (use what ever type of nut you like, I only like almonds)

          Your brie (triple cream preferred - but use what you like and can get) should have been in the frig as it is easier to cut the rind off when cold. If you like rind, leave on, cut up in chunks and fit into the bread cavity, do not over stuff. I find 2 good size triangles work best.

          On top of the cheese sprinkle the rest of the cranberries and almonds.

          wrap bread tightly in tin foil. Bake for an hour, more time is ok to.

          You may want to put the bread on a sheet as there could be spillage.

          Careful when unwrapping the bread and when cutting the bread...the cheese is like lava. I still have not found a way to make it lookk pretty, but it does not seem to matter as the entire platter is gone before I can blink.

        2. All low fat cheese in general, do not do well when baked