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Apr 23, 2007 05:11 PM

Podnah's Pit Barbecue - Overrated?

I went there the other day and had the spare ribs. I couldn't believe how rubbery and chewy they were, and how tasteless the sauce is. I want to support the place, but this experience wasn't even close to Buster's spare ribs or babybacks or those at Russell Street. Is there something on the menu more highly recommended?

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    1. I've been to all three of these places more times than I can count. Podnah's, imo, is easily better and more consistent than the other two on all meats. Personally, I prefer their brisket, but I don't think Podnah's is overrated at all. Generally, I'd say it's underrated because people in the NW haven't eaten enough good BBQ to be able to tell the difference between really great BBQ and just mediocre BBQ with lots of sugary sauce. imo, Podnah's should have the same sort of lines Apizza Scholls has. That said, BBQ is notoriously persnickety and even the best places in the country can serve stuff that's not up to par.


      1. brisker is great
        i've been multiple times and can say I've not had a bad meal
        was just there on Tuesday and the ribs were perfect along with my brisket sandwitch

        1. Over the course of almost a dozen visits, the pork ribs at Podnah's have varied from stellar to mediocre. This past Sunday they were indeed overly dry and chewy.

          The brisket has been more consistently good than the ribs.

          1. On my last trip to Podnah's I had the brisket and it was definitely melt on your fork soft. Also, the two sauces they offer are pretty varied and nicely representative of southern BBQ. I'll be trying to return soon! I'm sorry that your ribs were so mediocre, chef guy! I've also had really good luck with ordering whatever their special happens when I walk through the door.

            My only complaint at all about Podnah's is that I'm not wild about their collared greens. It's just really hard to beat the Delta when it comes to amazing collared greens.