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food events in San Diego

Are there any good food events in San Diego that get a collection of restaurants and give a sense of the culinary scene? I know there's Taste of the Nation in April and Food and Wine Festival in November... any other one's I'm missing??

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  1. Stone Brewing Co. has some great food and beer events. It's outside of SD.


    1. Taste of Hillcrest was this past weekend. PB did their restaurant walk a couple of weeks ago. Taste of San Diego happens sometime.

      1. I don't know if it will be also this year but last year we went in October to one of the Chef Celebration dinner (go on the webpage to read about this non-profit organization). We had a excellent seven-course dinner at "Thee Bungalow". If it is also this year I highly recommend to go to one (or more) of the tasting menues.


        1. Most (but not all) come up in www.localwineevents.com. Last Sunday was a big one with Chefs of Del Mar and Taste of the Nation. These two events, more than most of the others, actually have the chefs show up. Most of the other events send others from the restaurant to handle the duties. Probably the biggest event is the SD Zoo benefit which takes place in mid to late September. I think its called Celebration for the Critters.

          1. Restaurant week in January (I think).

            1. We have some good ethnic festivals, but they don't seem to be as widely published as they used to be. I feel lucky to run into one anymore. Used to be the U-T announced everything; now they concentrate on silly family fairs and faith-oriented activities.
              New Year's festivals I've attended: Chinese, Lao, Vietnamese
              New Year's festivals I've heard about when it was too late: Thai, Iraqi
              Random festivals: Christmas on the Prado and another annual day at Balboa Park when all the little country houses sell food -- some of it's great; a couple world festivals I've attended (food from dozens of countries as well as displays about nations; was it El Cajon? Does anyone know this one?); July's Guelanguetza festival at Cal State San Marcos (Oaxacan; get there early -- food sells out); Greek Orthodox Church open house/fundraiser/festival (summertime, I think)
              I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting. Does anyone know a good online or printed source for keeping up with this stuff? I feel like I've missed out on a lot in the last year or two.

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                It's not a restaurant event but there's a yearly "Islander" Festival on Mission Bay (Crown Point?) featuring food from the Phillipines and other Pacific island nations.

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                  If you stop by Asian or other markets, like Parsian, they usually have publications and/or flyers by the front doors advertising the various festivals. Also, online SD ethnic communities usually have an association with a website that will list activities. They sometimes make it onto the SD Reader's radar, but sometimes don't or do so with little notice. You can also often find mention with some of the SD bloggers. I do wish there was an annual calendar. Maybe we could compile one of sorts?

                2. There will be a gourmet food sampling and silent auction event to support the under insured Witch Creek fire survivors called "A Matter of Good Taste" on Sunday, November 9th from 1-5 p.m. at the Bernardo Winery in Rancho Bernardo. There will be several restaurants there with samples of their finest food. The Website link is rebuildrbgourmetevent.com.

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                    Taste of Mainstreet in Encinitas is every August. You pay $25 and get a passport for a taste from about 30 or so local restaurants. It's a walking tour with live music, classic car show, and a great way to sample places before you commit to a full meal.
                    And as mentioned by a previous poster, Taste of Del Mar is on a weekend in mid-September.

                  2. Celebrate the Craft will be at the Lodge at Torrey Pines the weekend of Nov. 1st and 2nd. It is kind of a sister group to the Slow Food people. They have about 8 restaurants paired up with a grower or protien purveyor such as Catalina offshore or Niemans ranch. They arer about 8 wineries pouring as well and Venissimo usually shows up. Nice mix of food and wine, mellow crowd and lovely location out on the green at the lodge.

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                      Celebrate the Craft is one of the best events in town. Also San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival at the Embarcadero in November (maybe the 15th this year? for the Grand Tasting) a tons of chefs, lots of wine. Not until next spring now, but Mama's Day for Mama's Kitchen always has a great group of chefs too.

                    2. I second localwineevents.com
                      You can sign up to get "the juice" which is a weekly email they send out with all wine/food/beer/tasting events in the area.