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Apr 23, 2007 04:45 PM

food events in San Diego

Are there any good food events in San Diego that get a collection of restaurants and give a sense of the culinary scene? I know there's Taste of the Nation in April and Food and Wine Festival in November... any other one's I'm missing??

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  1. Stone Brewing Co. has some great food and beer events. It's outside of SD.

    1. Taste of Hillcrest was this past weekend. PB did their restaurant walk a couple of weeks ago. Taste of San Diego happens sometime.

      1. I don't know if it will be also this year but last year we went in October to one of the Chef Celebration dinner (go on the webpage to read about this non-profit organization). We had a excellent seven-course dinner at "Thee Bungalow". If it is also this year I highly recommend to go to one (or more) of the tasting menues.

        1. Most (but not all) come up in Last Sunday was a big one with Chefs of Del Mar and Taste of the Nation. These two events, more than most of the others, actually have the chefs show up. Most of the other events send others from the restaurant to handle the duties. Probably the biggest event is the SD Zoo benefit which takes place in mid to late September. I think its called Celebration for the Critters.

          1. Restaurant week in January (I think).