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3 nights - 3 fabulous restaurants in LA

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I will be in LA for 3 nights and I am looking for 3 of the best restaurants/dining experiences. I love all types of food and cost and location are not issues. What would be your 3 choices so that we have 3 of the best meals in LA but 3 different different types of meals/experiences. Thanks.

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  1. Mastro's in Beverly Hills for steak - hands down the best I've had (and I've eaten at Arnie Morton's and at Peter Luger in NY). Served still sizzling on a 400-degree plate. Great sides - lobster mashed potatoes, sauteed spinach, french fries. Great service. If you sit upstairs it's pretty loud and lively, and some, maybe most, nights they have a piano player. Downstairs seating is much more subdued and quieter.

    1. Urusawa
      Spago (get the tasting menu)
      Providence (also get the tasting menu).

      There are many posts about all of these places so just do a search.

      1. opus for tasting, hungry cat for cocktails, and providence for adult dining.

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          Great suggestions, but what about Grace? I'm a sucker for great service, the Roof Garden Cocktail, the wine list, and of course, all the amazing dishes. Maybe they should start at Hungry cat for a cocktail and food hop after that..or end the weekend with a Hungry Cat brunch...those f-ing bloody marys-yum!

        2. It appears you are coming from NYC. The recs you've been given are all excellent, but I think they can all be replicated or exceeded in your town. If you want the familiar, there you go. If you want different, I think you should consider Chinese, Korean, Mexican, possibly Middle Eastern. What's your pleasure?

          1. For dinner: Hatfield's, AOC, and Shan in Artesia (for Indian)

            For lunch: Sasabune for sushi, Tacos Baja Ensenada for fish tacos (or a full-on taco tour: http://infinitefress.blogspot.com/200...), and Soot Bull Jeep for Korean BBQ.



            1. My votes/suggestions are:

              Pizzeria Mozza and/or Angeli Cafe

              1. Then again, I did forget AOC, didn't I? :) And...well, I mean, Spago.

                1. Urasawa is by far the best dining experience in LA, although prohibitedly expensive for most.

                  I'd also suggest Providence's tasting menu, and then one classic Mexican - maybe Babita, La Serenata, Guelaguetza, or Tacos Baja Ensenada.

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                  1. I agree with the poster who says go for Chinese et al. The high end American/European places are frankly not better than what you get in New York.

                    The diversity and awesomeness of many of the Chinese places is only matched by Taiwan and China.

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                      Chinese dimsum at Mission 261, Elite, Triumphal Palace, The Kitchen. Dumplings at DTF.

                    2. A few nights ago I had the tasting menu at Melisse, and I would put that in my list, along with Spago.

                      1. Babita for Mexican

                        Urasawa for Japanese

                        Sea Harbour for HK/Chinese