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Apr 23, 2007 04:28 PM

need ideas for Mother's Day Brunch

I know this is an age old topic but here goes nothing! I am looking for somewhere for mother's day brunch in Greenwich/Stamford/Westchester area as my mother-in-law is coming in and we will now have 4 mother's to celebrate. We already called the Hyatt in Greenwich and besides the fact that the price is obscene it is already full. I know about the Ryetown Hilton and the Stamford Marriott as well.

I am really looking for someplace without the hoopla and nutty prices as we will have 4 kids to deal with. any ideas????

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  1. How about the Atrium at Doral Arrowood in Rye Brook? They have a special Mother's Day menu.

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      I don't think it's any less expensive, but Tarrytown House Estate is doing a Mother's Day brunch. It's beautiful on their grounds. I don't know how the food is. Happy Mother's Day!

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      1. I suggested Watercolor Cafe a couple weeks ago on another posting...I'm sure they'll have prix-fix brunch for Mother's Day. We went on Easter and it was $22.95 for your entree, plus hashbrowns, fruit, coffee/tea, bread & muffins, and most importantly...a cocktail. I thought it was delightful :)

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          Last year I took my mom to Opus in Armonk- it was a huge buffet and resonably priced. She loved it.