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Apr 23, 2007 04:25 PM

Downtown BYO Spots

Hi All - I'm looking for a BYO spot downtown, preferrably east side. Cube63 and Sticky Rice are booked! Does anyone else have suggestions?

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    1. Look on -restaurants-and search under BYO-they have the most extensive list I've encountered online.

      1. i was just reading about a new place in ny mag yesterday opening on allen between houston and stanton called mole. i think it opens this week and is byo. i obviously can't tell you anything from experience but could be worth checking out. another option i have not tried in the same neighborhood is a sushi place called jin---it's on broome between orchard and ludlow--and it byo--or at least has been.

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          Just call small ethnic places and see if they will let you do it. Most of the time if you offer $8-$10 btl they will be happy. They're not really making that much off their liquor license anyways.