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Apr 23, 2007 04:17 PM

vegetarian entrees at Jaynes (SD)

I enjoyed Jaynes Gastropub quite a bit when it was still open for lunch, but haven't been back since they changed over to dinner. Thinking about going this weekend, I discovered an online menu that, alas, has no substantial vegetarian offering.

Does anybody out there have experience being a vegetarian patron of Jaynes? Does it offer something like a regular veggie special? Is the online menu different than the actual menu?

Personally, I have no interest in going to restaurants that cobble together a meal out of veggie side-dishes. I'd like to give Jaynes another try, but if not there's always The Linkery. . . . in my opinion the paragon of a veggie-friendly non-veggie restaurant.

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  1. I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but Adams Avenue Grill always has vegetarian specials -- including one or more soups and entrees, as well as a number of vegetarian selections on their regular menu. If you get on their mailing list, they will email you a weekly list of soups and specials. I've only been to the linkery a couple of times, so I can't really compare them, but your phrase, "the paragon of a veggie-friendly non-veggie restaurant," is one I would be comfortable applying to Adams Avenue Grill. They're not fine dining, just a neighborhood place that seems to work very hard at serving up consistently good food. I'd really be interested in the persepective of a shur 'nuff vegetarian who tried it.
    . . . jim strain

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    1. Thanks Jim and hoosfoos. I've been to the Adams Avenue Grill a number of times for brunch. It looks like I'll give it a try for dinner sometime soon.

      Likewise, Pomegranate is another fun local restaurant that satisfies omnivores, yet shows a generous spirit towards vegetarians.

      These examples reinforce my puzzlement about the fact that Jaynes' menu (online, at least) makes no gesture towards attracting vegetarian patrons.

    2. Made it to Jaynes last night, for the first time since they reopened for dinner. Wow! I had the cauliflower soup and the polenta with grilled organic veggies. The soup was perfect: smooth and light, with wonderful little parmesan-chunk accents. Two weeks ago I had a cauliflower soup at Madam Matisse in Silver Lake. What a difference! The Madam Matisse soup was gloppy and leaden. Jaynes’ soup sang.

      The grilled polenta had a fine smokey taste; nicely crusted on the outside, creamy within. The veggies were tasty, but overall, they were grilled too long. I prefer a mixture of cooking times and textures: some veggies grilled just to the point past raw, others brought all the way to sweet carmel.

      Wife had shrimp in garlic (appetizer) and seabass fish and chips. She loved the shrimp, And while she thought the fish and chips were an excellent version of the dish, once the plate was put in front of her she realized that she was not really in the mood for fried food. Next time -- and there will be a next time -- she'll go with the halibut.

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        I am hoping to visit Jaynes soon, and I'm also vegetarian. Is the polenta the only veg. choice? Sounds good, but would be nice if there were variety.

        I am generally and continually puzzled that San Diego restaurants don't offer more veg choices. Linkery is great, but being surrounded by the smells of roasting sausage isn't always appetizing.