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Fresh Oysters near Union Square?

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Looking for a busy oyster bar somewhere near Union or Gramercy to start off Thursday dinner plans at Casa Mono.

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  1. How close do you want? Do you want close as in walking distance or close as in 5minute subway ride?

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    1. re: hungry_fox

      Either or would do.

    2. Blue Water Grill in Union Square?

      1. SHAFFER CITY on w21st.

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        1. re: mrnyc

          i second shaffer city. they're serious about oysters.

          my one experience at blt fish was pretty underwhelming, especially considering the hefty bill.

        2. BLT Fish?

          1. I'd head to Soho and go to Lure Fishbar...I know that it's not in the nabe, but their oysters were phenominal.

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            1. re: LFeinberg

              if soho is not too far aquagrill has a superb, fresh selection....