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Apr 23, 2007 03:06 PM

Calling all Seattle hounds . . .

My parents are planning a week trip to Seattle and need restaurant recs. They will be staying at the waterfront (Marriott) and while they do not have a rental car ($30.00 per/night parking fee at the hotel), they are not adverse to grabbing a cab or renting a car for the day. They are looking for restaurants (for all three meals of the day) at all price levels and are particularly interested in good fish spots (but no sushi) as well as places where they can get cusine indigineous to the Northwest. Restaurants in nearby locations, where they can parlay a nice meal into a day trip, would be welcome as well. The only restriction is that they do not eat pork.

We have heard some good things about: Matt's (or Mikes?) at the market, Wild Ginger, and Delphia lounge (or something similalry named). Thanks in advance for all of your assistance.

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  1. The waterfront Marriott restaurant is called the Fish Club I believe and is very good. The Kobe Beef Hambuger is very tasty. They will be in close proximity to a ton of good restaurants just up the hill in Belltown. Cascasdia focus is on local NW foods and has an great happy hour bar menu. LePichet serves a great roasted chicken. Flyfish has great seafood choices, Zoe and Dahila Lounge & Brasa are both great too. Cutters on the North end of Pike Place market is underrated and has a huge selection of seafood and is consistant, friendly and reasonable. Snobs would turn their nose up at Cutters but what it lacks in finesse it makes up for something for everyone without fuss. They can take a five minute cab ride or brief walk uphill to any of the mentioned.

    In the Ballard neighborhood I recommend Volterra on Ballard Ave. (also a great street to walk and shop). For a great casual deli style lunch goto The Other Coast and have a Reuben you won't believe. Ray's Boathouse (Eat upstairs in Ray's Cafe and sit on the deck for a unbeatable view of the Olympic Mountains and Boat traffic going to and from the Locks. The seafood salad is great.

    For breakfast on the go grab a donut or two from Top Pot Donuts (5th Ave/downtown) and a Latte of course. Macrina bakery on (1st ave/downtown) is good. If you are a pastry fan and are in Ballard Cafe Beaseliu has the best Croissants anywhere (Better than any I have had in Paris) and great coffee too. (24th Ave. NW) Best coffee in Seattle? Cafe Ladro (various locales) and Cafe Vita (various locales), Cafe Fiore is good to. Sit down breakfast with Locals? Cafe Campagne (Post Alley Pike Place market) Locals also love The Dish (in Fremont) but be prepared to wait outside on a weekend. There are so many choices and neighborhoods to choose from also consider Lower Queen Anne Neighborhood (Crow or Veil) . Good luck.

    1. See my note in a post earlier today about Madoka. Your parents would walk on the ferry to Bainbridge, spend a day poking around the various shops and sights there and then have dinner (or if earlier, lunch) at Madoka. The owner grew up on Vashon Island and used to be the head chef at Ponti's.

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        It really is tough to just pick one place. So many do a great job with fish. I think if someone is looking for a restaurant that focuses on local ingredients when possible, has a good selection to choose from, is nice but not snobby, close to your parents hotel I would probably pick Cascadia. . It may not be the hot,new, cool spot but they do a very nice job every time I have eaten there. Restaurant Zoe is another close option that everyone raves about and is always good.

      2. it's Cafe Besalu in Ballard, and i agree, they have some of the best pastries in the city. Matt's in the Market is fabulous, however, they've been closed for a few months for complete renovations, and plan on opening toward the end of may. i'm sure the food will be amazing, but there will probably be an entirely new staff, so it'll be interesting to see what happens. Tom Douglas' restaurants are good for out-of-towners. Northwest ingredients, nothing too crazy, generally good service. Dahlia Lounge is nice, Lola for breakfast, Palace for a late night burger and Serious Pie, the new pizza place, has been getting rave reviews. Cascadia has a nice happy hour. Try their Douglas Fir martini. Tavolata is a great new Italian place. They have some good fish specials and the pasta is outstanding.

        1. POA, Nutty Squirrel, ccqueen:

          Thanks for your imput. I'm sure your suggestions will enhance my parent's trip. I have two follow up questions. If there is one splurge restaurant that you would recommend what is it, and if you could go to only one place for fish what would it be. Thanks again for all of the great suggestions.

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            Well for the big splurge it's gotta be the Herbfarm. Sure it costs about $180-$200 per person, you can only dine Thursday-Sunday and the meal takes between 4-5 hours, but everyone should dine there once in their life, it's lovely. Hopefully when your parents are there the dinner theme will rock. Go here and click on restaurant:

            Re: Wild Ginger, yes go for lunch - 2 favorite dishes are 7 Flavor Beef and the Duck with Pancakes:

            And Dahlia Lounge, yes go for dinner - favorite dishes include the Tuscan grilled bread salad, any pasta, and their famous Coconut Cream Pie:

          2. I don't have the energy to map out their days. But I must add that there is an Uptown Espresso ---fine marionberry scones and delicious foamy lattes-- right down on the waterfront next to the Olympic Sculpture Park. A lovely morning stroll as the OSP is Seattle's latest and greatest.