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Apr 23, 2007 03:01 PM

White Hut in Pasadena/next to Zinke's Shoe Repair

I keep passing this little hut/stand while I'm driving on Colorado and wonder if that place is any good. I think it's called "the white hut" and it's right by Zinke's shoe repair that's totally visible from Colorado. Zinke's has that neon sign with the hammer going into a boot or something like that.

Anyway, so back to the "hut". Is it good? Has anyone eaten there? What do you get? I did a search on this and didn't come up with anything. Well I found something, but I don't think it was talking about this place.


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  1. I've been to the one in Glendale and it wasn't any great shakes.

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    1. re: cjla

      They are not related. The one in Glendale is The Great White Hut. The one in Pasadena is owned by an asian couple and prices are pretty high which is why my friend and I walked in and out right away.

      1. re: WildSwede

        I believe the Ching family continues to own the Pasadena White Hut, tho' not sure they still function as operators. In the mid 60's, my mom would take us to visit Mr. Ching and to get what I remember was a really tasty hamburger (actually, he was a neighbor of ours so kinda fun as kids to see him in action behind the grill)...given I stopped eating meat circa 1972, it would be misleading to say I know anything about their current offerings (burnt, tasty, or otherwise).

    2. I like the White Hut. It isn't going to win awards for best burger in LA or anything but it is a really good burger stand-type burger. Good fries too.
      Also the prices are cheap. It is $2.50 for a burger and $2.75 for a cheeseburger.
      I guess that's pricey compared to McDonalds but hardly sticker shock such that one would immediately walk out.
      Plus, it's a true burger stand and how many of them are there left?

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      1. re: oro3030

        Yup, that's cheaper than Rick's by a bit. Maybe I should go shop for shoelaces around lunchtime some day... standalone shoe-repair joints being almost as endangered a species as hamburger stands, I could have me about a whole hour of preservationist fun.

        1. re: Will Owen

          I remember seeind the grilled cheese was very expensive (around $4) when we walked in. Maybe they have changed?? Also, be prepared for rude service at Zinke's if you go in...

          1. re: WildSwede

            As an fyi - here's their menu.

            Everything on it is cheaper than Tops, comparable to Ricks, ..don't see this as particularly expensive.

            1. re: Local

              Thanks for the menu, looks like a typical menu. Like Wildswede I do love my chili fries-so now my curiosity has been sparked. Maybe I'll try it this week and report back.

              1. re: Local

                Thanks! It looks very inexpensive to me. Hmmm, wonder if they changed it - it was about 3 years ago that I went in. I will have to try it - it is 2 blocks from my work!

                1. re: WildSwede

                  If you go, do ask if the Ching's are still involved...really nice family!

                2. re: Local

                  Okay, I don't see any fries listed at all, much less chili fries...although one of my wife's co-workers went there for lunch last week, and came back laughing about some old guy picking the fries out of the fryer with chopsticks (which sounds kinda sensible to me).

                  I've been to Zinke's several times. The quality of service can vary in proportion to the counter person's grasp of English, but they do good work.