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Apr 23, 2007 02:56 PM

St. Paul Italian

Looking for a good to great Italian restaurant near the St. Paul Hotel. Thanks

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    1. Sorry that none of these are within walking distance, but they're more likely to be worth your time & money:

      Osteria y Nonni – Worth the drive.
      981 Sibley Memorial Hwy
      St Paul, MN 55118
      (651) 905-1080

      Ristorante Luci – Ignore the interior design and enjoy the food.
      470 Cleveland Avenue
      Saint Paul, MN 55105
      (651) 699-8258

      Luci Ancora – Luci’s sister restaurant, easier to get a reservation.
      2060 Randolph Avenue
      Saint Paul, MN 55105
      (651) 698-6889

      La Grolla – Can be hit&miss, but sometimes a decent plate of pasta and a glass of wine are enough. Closest to the hotel.
      452 Selby Ave
      St Paul, MN 55102-1727
      (651) 221-1061

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      1. re: KTFoley

        Nonni - #1 - by far. Rist Luci a VERY close second.

        Pazz is good if walking is your only option.

        I actually like La Grolla better than Pazzaluna.

        1. cheap; Good especially for a casual lunch cossettas (i ate there today)
          Very Good;La Grolla set your wallet on fire.
          Trattoria Davinci's; very good to good (I love the calamari, they call it something like misu, I also enjoy their complimentary bread and herbed butter, and their spaghetti)
          Pazzaluna; good, a true corporate dining experience. excellent capratzi salad in the summer (heirlum tomatos from st. paul farmers market.
          P.S. Stay away from pasta bar at DaVinci's and Pazzaluna.

          1. FYI>The Pazzaluna sucks...Everthing I had to eat there, I have been dissappointed in the food quality and sometimes service.

            Go to trattoria da vinci which is in downtown ST Paul..... much better food and price.

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            1. re: mikecho

              Also: Meritage, just two blocks from the Hotel, is mostly French but always has a pasta of the day, and a few other pan-Mediterranean dishes. It is a very special place - great ambience, fantastic food. Entrees avergaging in the low 20s, cheaper at lunch. 410 St. Peter Street.

              1. re: petergray


                I totally agree with the has great food and service....Also in Mpls, Al Vento is a good neighborhood is great service is hit and miss....

              2. There's nothing in the great end of the spectrum. Pazza and Cosetta have proximity, but far from great, and depending on your spectrum, might not even be considered good. Harsh, but if you've dined at a great Italian restaurant you'll understand.

                Meritage is the best restaurant within walking distance.

                Had two very disappointing meals at Luci Ancora. If you're willing to travel Heartland is on top of its game, but Chef Russo is more about local ingredients than ethnic identity.

                Buon appetito.