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Apr 23, 2007 02:19 PM

For BBQs in search of propane

Were does one go to fill their propane tank in Brooklyn - we live in Carroll Gardens? I am not talking about the swtich for another tank kind this is a weber tank that gets filled when empty. Thanks.

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  1. Are you sure you cannot disconnect the tank? Unlikely you can get a propane delivery. Typically, you bring your empty canister and they give you a full one.
    Just below Hamilton Avenue in Red Hook:
    Liberty Industrial Gases and Welding Supply Inc
    600 Smith St, Brooklyn, 11231

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    1. re: gpcohen

      You can disconnect the tank but it gets filled it does not get switched as stated. In NJ where we used to live there was a guy who had propane that would fill it - does the place above fill? I guess I should check it out.

    2. I believe Home Depot or Lowe's would do it.

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      1. re: jdf

        Home depot and lowes only switch they do not fill.

        1. re: Ljubitca

          they all switch - forget about getting your nice pretty tank back in Brooklyn - I dont think they are allowed to do it that way. And its not legal to carry the propane over the bridges to Jersey.

          Liberty is ok.

            1. re: jen kalb

              I would never call a propane tank pretty. I will call Liberty. Thanks.

        2. Stew Leonard's refills tanks. They don't switch, IIRC. As luck might have it, no Brooklyn location. If you're up for a drive, they're worth a visit with the kids (or even solo). Stew's has good quality meats for grilling and might prove to be worth your while.

          Link 1:

          Link 2:

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          1. re: Cheese Boy

            I might be a little reluctant to travel with a propane tank to Stews.

            We have a Weber and finally just decided the swap out is the way to go. In CT, some garden stores have propane, some hardware stores as well. I think the Blue Rhino guys are doing a great job of putting the bring and fill market out of business. I also keep a spare on hand. Just remember the firsat rule of grilling, You will run out of gas when the best cut of meat is on the grill.

          2. The sad news is that all the places in New York switch tanks. Something about true propane filling stations being against NYC fire laws. If you've got a car there are loads of places in Nassau county that will do this for you. Lots of gas stations have filling stations besides hardware stores and garden centers. The same is true for New Jersey.

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            1. re: Bob Martinez

              Propane refilling is against NYC fire codes (as is having propane tanks other than the 16.4 oz disposables in or near a residence, or storing more than 2 of these tanks inside any space not permitted for their use, or grilling within 10ft. of a structure, but we'll ignore all that for now). As someone else noted, transporting propane tanks to New Jersey is also illegal, since it is against the law to take them over bridges or through tunnels. As Bob suggests, Nassau County may be your best bet. Oh, but you should be careful to obey all traffic laws and avoid the police, since it is also illegal to transport propane in a vehicle in NYC without a permit.

            2. If you're car-free there's a place that will come to your home and swap out the tanks.

              It was $30 last year vs. the $15 or so it costs to go to Home Depot or Liberty.

              If you only go through a tank or two a year or don't have a car or just value your time enough not to want to have to deal with the hassle, it's not that much more.

              The number is 718-788-4331


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              1. re: Peter

                I tried that number and got one of the rudest people I have ever spoken to. They will not deliver to the Williamsburg area. Also, why does their business not have a name?

                1. re: flbart82

                  Yeah, they could use some training when it comes to manners. And I don't know why they don't have a name.

                  All I know is that I call, schedule a swap, leave an empty canister in front of my house under a an upside-down trashcan with the cash in an envelope taped to the canister...

                  Esoteric? Yes. Convenient? Yes! Does it work? Like a charm -- gas is gas, no?