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Apr 23, 2007 02:18 PM

Cry-O-Vac Brisket: Shelf Life?

I bought a beef brisket in Cry-O-Vac packaging three weeks ago with a sell-by date of today. How long past the sell-by date do I really have to cook it?

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  1. Dunno but you might try asking on the BBQ Forum. http://www.rbjb.com/rbjb/rbjbboard/
    You don't have to register to post there. I think I've read of some of the competition barbecuers aging the brisket in the cryovac for a considerable time.

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    1. re: Chimayo Joe

      True. Good place to visit.. Look for "wet-aging". Remember that cryovaced large cuts will have a whiff of odor when first opened, that will dissipate once it's rinsed and dried. Some folks keep it for 2 weeks after printed date, but get some experience with the odors to calibrate before you try that.

    2. Cryovac is an eight week shelf life from factory, I wouldn't think much past a week or so longer than the date.