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Apr 23, 2007 02:06 PM

Your favorite Italian

Hi mom is coming to visit soon. What is your favorite "red sauce" Italian restaurant in the city? No budget.
Thanks for your help...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I don't know if they are "red sauce" or not but I love Assenzio, De Marcos, and I coppi. Good luck!

      1. re: lavendula

        We had a nice dinner at I Coppi (not red sauce!). They have a lovely garden too.

    2. Il Cortile in Little Italy. True Red Sauce place in a true red sauce neighborhood.

      Others (not in Little Itally): Bianca (for the lasagne), Da Andrea (West Village), Tanti Baci (West Village).

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      1. Not sure if these are "red sauce", but Piccolo Agnolo and Crispo are two of my favorites for food.

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        1. re: avae

          I've taken her to Piccolo...but neither of us has gone to Crispo! I keep hearing wonderful things. What do you recommend?

              1. re: jsmitty

                Thank you! Mom's from Texas so she likes simpler, more familiar Italian food, hence the "red sauce" request. She does like a lovely atmosphere. Would that be Crispo? The food looks fantastic.

                1. re: LFeinberg

                  i wouldn't call crispo red sauce, but it is ny must in my view... i just re-posted elios.. but go to crispo its great..

                  1. re: LFeinberg

                    I wouldn't describe Crispo as "red sauce," but there are plenty of simpler dishes on the menu that would be familiar to a picky eater.

              2. re: LFeinberg

                For Crispo, I highly recommend the bone marrow! That's like my favorite dish of the whole restaurant! I also like to order their a platter of their antipasto and ham to share.

                1. re: kobetobiko

                  Thanks so much, all! I look forward to it. Any other good restaurant rec's? We like great food (steak, American, French) and a great atmosphere...price not an issue.

            1. Would you consider taking her on a foodie field trip? (I know I know, Manhattan board.) I'm really enamored of the whole Old World atmosphere up on Arthur Ave in the Bronx, and I keep hearing such fantastic things about a couple of the restaurants up there: one a true red sauce joint (Dominick's), the other much more innovative but still traditional (Roberto's). Plus there is SUCH great shopping to be done around there to ensure the feast continues into the next few days.

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              1. re: ballulah

                Unfortunately, Mom is not as adventureous as I am. :(

                1. re: LFeinberg

                  When you're feeling up to it, you should really give it a try up there! Excellent butchers (if you ever need a whole lamb, a suckling pig, a pheasant or a rabbit), some of the best Italian cheeses I've ever had anywhere, and (I'm a little prosciutto crazy) the prosciutto at the Calabria Pork Store will make you swoon. And last but not least, Borgatti's Ravioli Store will put you in orbit. I'm spoiled, I live in Manhattan, but it's not quite a 10 minute drive from my house...maybe closer to 5 minutes.

                2. re: ballulah

                  I have tried Arthur Ave a few times and hit all famous places. I really prefer Il Cortile in Little Italy. I prefer Faicco's to Mike's. And Rocco's and Caffe Polerma to the Arth Ave bread/pastry places.

                  It's fun to see Arthur Ave, but for a tourist with limited time and a low risk profile (the Bronx is not as safe as Manhattan), they should stay in Manhattan.

                  I think Arthur Ave benefits from the joy of saying "I know this great, far away place that's off the beaten path, etc. etc." but doesn't hold up to Manhattan.

                  1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

                    The Belmont area is as safe as any general neighborhood I know (maybe safer in some ways...). I sent a friend from suburban NJ over there last weekend (combined with a trip to the Zoo), and he came back astounded and elated.

                    As for comparison, I prefer Tino's to Faicco's for sandwiches (and prefer Calabria for salumi), prefer Roberto's to Il Cortile (different style in some ways - but then there's also Enzo's, Emilia's, Mario's, Dominick's, Il Fiume, Tra Di Noi, etc.), and have been disappointed in Rocco's, but never in De Lillo's or - more recently, because they just opened (this is a living neighborhood) - Morrone's.

                    Different strokes, I suppose, but the breadth of choice in Belmont within a few blocks is awesome (didn't even go into butchers, bread bakeries, Borgatti's fresh pasta, etc.). There's absolutely nothing like it in Manhattan and hasn't been since the early 60's.

                3. There's also Nino's, I guess there are a lot of them around. I've been to the one over by the UN and it wasn't bad. Colorful, "festive" I guess.