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Apr 23, 2007 01:57 PM

casual dinner north of malibu on hwy 1?

will be returning from a day trip to SB wine country and I'm not familiar with the area. Are there any inexpensive but good restaurants, pref. w/ a view of the ocean, between SB and malibu? otherwise I think Duke's looks good, but still on the more expensive side.

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  1. neptune's net. it's always fun and casual. there's always malibu seafood which is closer to LA.

    1. Haven't been in awhile, but Real Fish Inn used to be very good.

      1. Haven't been a long time, but Paradise Cove used to be excellent.

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          anything not seafood centered also helpful

        2. Do the "Barefoot Bar" at Dukes. You're sitting in the sand, protected from waves by plexiglass panels, and the menu is casual and reasonably priced. They also have some "special" prices, I think....or at least used to. I believe the menu is half priced during "happy hour." And Tuesday was "fish taco" night. Very good fish tacos, grilled or pan fried, for a couple of dollars.