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Potbelly Sandwich Works

Potbelly Sandwich Works will be opening at The Shops at Arbor Walk, MAYBE (oh please, please, please) we'll actually have an affordable NOT BLAND place to eat in the area?

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  1. I ate at Potbelly for the first time recently while in Dallas, not realizing that it was a chain (and being in somewhat of a hurry). It's definitely better than Subway, but I didn't think it was anything special. Bland is actually a word I might use to describe it. I'd much rather eat at the once great Delaware Subs or the currently great but far away from you Hog Island Deli.

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      They are a huge chain here in the Chicago area. Heads and shoulders above Subway IMHO. Get The Wreck! Great chicken soup too.

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        Like Brian, I love Hog Island. Ken W and other 'hounds also make a good case for the sandwiches at Little Deli on Woodrow (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/363306 ). Both delis are locally owned.

      2. Not entirely related, but does anyone know what's up with the Sandwich Shop place opposite Billy's on Burnet which has looked like it's just about to open ... for several months now?

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          I was wondering the same thing. I was at Billy's the other day. Looks like they still have their permit papers taped to the windows. Something must be up. Its costing them a lot of money not to open. I'm sure the rent alone is pretty steep.

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            Yeah, I'm with y'all. I was very excited to see the "opening soon" sign in the window but that's been at least three months now, maybe more...

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              Yeah, it's kinda turned into the running joke with the crowd that I go to Billy's with. It's be great if they finally opened and they were good though since it's near my office.

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                It looks like the Sandwich Joint - for that is now its name, grandly displayed in large type - may soon be opening. All the papers save one appear to be gone, and they have coated the windows and door with some weird semi-mirrored film, which certainly doesn't motivate me to go in there. This was the view from the deck of Billy's yesterday - I was too engrossed in my shaggy jerk wings to bother to cross the road and see what was written on the notice stuck to the door.

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                  mmmmmm......shaggy's jerk wings.......

        2. If you can't find a good privately owned sandwich shop, Potbelly is a good alternative. MUCH better than Subway, where every sandwich tastes identically like every other sandwich, i.e., like nothing.

          The Potbellys in DC offer decent breakfast sandwiches as well, which is particularly good since there are so few sitdown breakfast spots worth going to downtown.

          1. Back to Potbelly's - apparently a location is also opening on the Drag ... 2316 Guadalupe. Read this in an austin360 blog.

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              I saw them working on it just the other day. It's going in at the old Cadeau location (very close to Pita Pit, Which Wich and Austin's Pizza....a little sandwich overload if you ask me). It looks like it will be a while before they open as the site wasn't previously a restaurant. They didn't have walls/sheet rock up when I passed and looked to be addressing pipes/plumbing issues. My guess it will open in the doldrums of summer on the drag.

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                A couple doors down from WhichWich? That doesn't seem like a brilliant location on the Drag considering nothing has really lasted on that block besides Chipotle and Metro.

            2. Is Potbelly SW like Jersey Mike's? Just checked the website and it looks similar. I have ordered from Jersey Mike's for several events and they've done a good job.

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                  I hope we don't have to reduce our standards to that. Chain sandwich restaurants do what they do, and their relative merits are discussed on the chains board.

                  When I want a delicious sandwich of the sub/hoagie variety, I'll head to Hog Island (on Lavaca just north of 16th) every time. Their tasty sesame-seeded bread stands up both to hot fillings (the cheese steak and the meatball come to mind) and to oil-and-vinegar-drenched Italian subs.

                  If I were heading to the Arbor Walk and thought it would be useful to have a sandwich during the shopping experience, I'd stop at Hog Island on the way and pack my lunch there rather than being stuck with the non-delicious fare we've heard reported in the center.

                  If I worked nearby, I'd make frequent jaunts to Don Luis SuperTaco Café at Parmer and MoPac, either to dine in or take out.

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                    I think you basically got the point of the thread in your last paragraph - most of us were lamenting being trapped up here with not much in the way of chowish lunch spots.

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                      p.s. - what is this Don Louis SuperTaco Cafe you speak of?

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                        don louis is right across mopac from wendy's/chick fil a/heb shopping center. it's located on the southbound access road of mopac at parmer. hope this helps. haven't been yet, but i've seen it quite a few times before.

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                          It used to be a Boiling Pot once upon a time, if that helps.

                    2. Potbelly is open and running at the Arbor Walk( every time I see those two words, Arbor Walk I always think of the old song Harbor Lights for some reason. I guess it is the similarity of the sounds of the words) and recently my son and his BW were there for dinner and the line went out the front door. I ate there yesterday for lunch and business was quite brisk. They serve a decent sandwich at a decent price. Our bread was tasty with a good slightly chewy texture, slightly like French bread. The chicken salad was fresh tasting and had a good chicken flavor. My SO got one of the cold cut sandwiches and it was good , very edible, but not real special. There stuff is sort of fast food like in concept and imho does not compare to New World Deli.

                      It is worth a try if you are in the area and need a quick lunch. You won't be disappointed but not overly impressed either. I will take it over most places in that area hands down. I had been to one in Chicago which has the same arrangement but I thought the sandwiches here tasted better.

                      The one in Chi had a very bad guitar player and so did this one. I hope bad music is not part of their concept.

                      And another thing, I am sure this does not apply to folks who read this message site but what is it with folks sitting and talking when they are obviously through eating and there is a line of 20 people waiting to get a sandwich. Some people were ordering their food to go because there were no vacant tables. About 1/3 of the people there were completely oblivious, enjoying themselves with a table full of refuse of their lunch. Please don't let me see any of you doing that. Joehere

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                        I went to the campus location last week. My grad student ways could not resist the free sandwiches they were offering that day (I think it was Tuesday). Apparently everyone else in the campus had heard about the deal and the line was down the block. But, it was nice and sunny and a good excuse to get out of my cement prison at work, so my work compatriots and I stuck it out.

                        The good: The staff was very friendly and highly organized. A normal ff joint would have crumbled under this free deal that drew such a crowd, but the Potbelly staff handled it with aplomb. Despite entering the line around the entrance to Tyler's (with at the very least 30 people in front of me), I had a sandwich and was back to work in 20 minutes. If they can translate this to their normal hours, I might visit more often for their service alone. Other good things: They don't try to do too much (i.e. the 100s of options at which wich...can be hit or miss). They offer spicy italian peppers on the sandwich, which packed a slow and pleasing pickled burn. They have a nice selection of bottled drinks including IBC and Orangeina. The sandwich had a nice amount (not to little/not too much) of meat and cheese (I had the ITalian).

                        The inbetween: The bread (I had wheat) seemed like the same product used at which wich. It's not bad, but its not good either. (A step up though from the mealy offerings at Subway....which I avoid like the plague...around the corner). Also, there are very few tables inside (although it looks as though they may eventually expand further into the other half of the former Cadeau space?). This doesn't faze me as I almost always pick up food and go back to work, and is not an oddity in campus dining options. But, it might deter others. And, the meat was flavorful but certainly not high quality lunch meat either. I had a hard time distinguishing between the mortadella, capricola and salami that was supposedly in my sandwich.

                        The bad: I got a very small bag of chips and an IBC with my sandwich, which I knew would not be free but at almost $3 for these accoutrements, I'll likely just stick to the sandwich in the future. Also, my sandwich maker, in her haste to finish my order, doused it in so much mayo that it was dripping. At the same time, I could barely identify the deli mustard I also requested.

                        So, all in all, it's just another chain. Better than subway, and maybe even quiznos, but nothing stellar. I'll likely eat there again because I'm restricted to places I can walk to when on my lunch breaks....alas no Hog Island or other east side treats. I am curious though, to hear if anyone has tried their salads or soups, as this might be my real draw in returning.

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                          I dropped in yesterday because I'd neglected to pack a wholesome lunch from home; I'd say that if I had to choose from among Quizno's, Subway, Which Wich, and Potbelly, I'd probably go with Potbelly, simply because the bread didn't shred the roof of my mouth (which is why I don't go to Which Wich) and the hot peppers they put on the sandwich gave it some personality. It's nothing to write home about (come on, they're charging $4.19 for their sandwiches, including a PB&J made with Peter Pan and Welch's grape), but it'll do in a pinch when I don't have time to go to Coco's or Ming's or the Noodle House.

                      2. Get the Wreck with mustard, mayo, lettuce, onions, and italian seasoning. Its fabulous.. Oh! And an Oreo smoothie. You'll thank me.

                        1. Finally made it over to the Arbor location today. I had-had-had to get off my butt and pick a paint color for my (finally, almost) finished kitchen. For those of you keeping track my "five day" kitchen that started in October turned into a five month project...but I digress.

                          Okay, since I was there, I had the choice of Potbelly, Tino's (which I already knew) and Spec's (again, have tried them twice).

                          There was a line that doubled on itself and I started to leave. However, it was going quickly and I was there. Got the Wreck, loaded. I loved that it was toasted, but not so much as to rip the roof of your mouth off. Sandwich was nothing I'd drive across town for, but absolutely beat Jersey Mikes, Subway, Deleware. I think the serrano pepper relish with carrots pushed it over the top. I think in the area, Tam Deli still has the most bang for the buck sandwich, though.