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Apr 23, 2007 01:50 PM

Paso robles picnic

Wife and I will be going up to Paso Robles in a few weeks for some wine tasting. We'll be staying in Morro Bay. Where is a good place to pick up picnic supplies (GOOD bread and cheese, etc) and need recommendations on a nice winery picnic ground.

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  1. Chris,

    I'm not sure about where to get picnic supplies in MB or Paso, but here are some options for getting supplies in SLO and Shell Beach:
    Muzio's Market - SLO (nice cheese selection)
    Utopia Bakery - SLO (great bread)
    DePalo&Sons - Shell Beach

    As for wineries, there are quite a few posts about where to go and where not to go in Paso. However, I think Minassian-Young winery would be an awesome picnic spot.

    They have some really nice wines also.



    1. In Morro Bay, my favorite place for picnic supplies is Spencer's Fresh Markets,a local chain with plenty of gourmet goodies. The address is: 2650 Main Street, Morro Bay.

      1. We just went to Paso Robles and had a great picnic at Carmody McKight, they have a lovely area with tables next to a pond. Highly recommend it. Have a good time, we loved it up there! Not sure how far you are traveling, we brought our picnic food up from our Trader Joes at home in a cooler and that worked really well.
        Here is a link to my report:

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          Castoro Cellars has nicely landscaped gardens with picnic tables. There is a newly opened Trader Joe's in Paso Robles near the intersection of Hwy. 101 and Hwy. 46 west where you could pick up supplies.

        2. Hi, there is a great place in Avila (right off the 101) on your way to Paso, called the Avila Valley Barn ( If you go there early, it won't be too crowded (it gets busy with families during the day, because of the petting zoo). They have a ton of wonderful treats, not just for your picnic, but to take home (they have some samples out on barrels). Be sure to get some Paso Almond Brittle, & try the Avila Valley Barn raspberry fruit spread...If you go to Justin, they have a cold case with some small picnic assortments (olives, cheese, etc.). If there is a House of Bread in SLO (the one in Paso was destroyed in the e-quake), get the artichoke pesto bread; it is heavenly. Get a loaf to take home; it makes for decadent bruschetta. I personally think Silver Horse has one of the prettiest views (you can see it on, and some of the best wine. Have a wonderful time; we just got back from Paso & are returning for the wine festival.

          1. In Paso, Di Raimondo's Italian deli has a wonderful selection of Italian cheeses, olives, etc. On 13th st between Pine and Spring. Not sure if they have breads, but would think so. scroll down for the note on Di Raimondo's.

            In San Luis, downtown on Monterey, neat the Mission, is Muzio's Grocery. Very---100 yrs?---old business that carries deli items and many imported cheeses, olives, candies, fruit pastes, wines and drinks, lunch meats, good breads and pastas, etc.; of course they make sandwiches to go. Not really a full grocery, but most of what you'd need for a picnic. Many specialty cheeses.

            Templeton, just 5 min south of Paso, has a wonderful Farmer's Market on Sat mornings where you could outfit for a picnic, too. No deli meats, but cheeses, fresh artisan breads, fruits and veggies. Right downtown, lined up around the town's park.

            Just a few minutes south in Atascadero (if you take highway 41 east from Morro Bay to 101, it comes out in Atascadero) is Hush Harbor Artisan Bakery on El Camino 1/2 block north of Traffic Way. In a small strip mall on the right at 5735 El Camono Real. Great breads, pastries, deli sandwiches and salads to go. Excellent baked goods.