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Apr 23, 2007 01:50 PM

Looking for kid-friendly Sausalito restaurants (dinner)

Hi all, my husband and I are looking for a place to get dinner in Sausalito -- with our two-year-old. We're open to all kinds of cuisines, but since this is last-minute and we have a toddler, the place would have to be somewhat casual about reservations and seating. Thank you for any recommendations you can share!

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  1. Feng Nian or Avatar's on Bridgeway.

    1. Fish near Gate 5 Rd. - fantastic food, super casual, outside and inside picnic table seating, pricey
      Dario's Pizza - north end of town - pizza is not bad, also has pasta dishes, very kid-friendly
      Saylor's South of the Border - good Mexican food, and I've seen lots of kids there
      Good luck!

      1. We take our 3 1/2 to Feng Nian it is good. However, we usually go to is just North of Sausalito.

        We like to go to Pasta Pamadoro in the Strawberry shopping center. It seems that every child in southern marin is there. It is next to the Safeway.

        VERY KID FRIENDLY!!!!!

        1. I would vote for Fish, especially if it is a nice day. Just make sure you bring cash as they don't accept credit cards. I love the Saigon Salmon sandwich and the fish and chips.

          I agree that Darios and Saylors South of the Border would be fine for kids but I think the food at both is completely mediocre.